Applied Biosystems™

Veriti™ Dx 96-well Fast Thermal Cycler, 0.1 mL

Catalog number: 4452299
Applied Biosystems™

Veriti™ Dx 96-well Fast Thermal Cycler, 0.1 mL

Catalog number: 4452299
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The Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler delivers the proven reliability you expect from Applied Biosystems for in vitro diagnostic PCR use. It features an easy-to-use color touch screen to simplify setup and use of the system, and VeriFlex™ Blocks, six independent temperature blocks designed to give precise control over your PCR optimization. Optional setups for fast PCR or standard PCR methods provide flexibility to shorten your PCR cycling time.

• Classified as US FDA Class I Medical Device for in vitro diagnostic use
• Conforms to IVDD (98⁄79⁄EC) requirements and labeled in Europe with a CE IVD mark
• Manufactured to ISO 13485 and GMP requirements
• Features an easy-to-use graphical interface (6.5 inch VGA touch screen)
• Innovative VeriFlex™ Blocks provide convenient PCR optimization
• Standard and fast-enabled cycling address your current and future PCR needs
• Reduced PCR reaction time when using faster ramp rates
• Comes with a 1-year warranty

The First End-Point Thermal Cycler Available for In Vitro Diagnostic Use
The Veriti™ Dx Thermal Cycler is a diagnostic instrument classified as a US FDA Class I Medical Device. It conforms to IVDD (98⁄79⁄EC) requirements and is CE IVD–labeled in Europe. The instrument is manufactured to ISO 13485 and GMP requirements.

Control at Your Fingertips
The powerful yet simple-to-operate user interface on the Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler is driven by the 6.5 inch (16.51 cm) VGA color touch screen. The large screen allows for easy viewing of your temperature profiles. Additionally, the large navigation buttons put programming of the Veriti™ Dx Thermal Cycler at your fingertips. Setup and navigation of the Veriti™ Dx Thermal Cycler do not require use of a stylus or mouse.

VeriFlex™ Blocks: Enhanced PCR Functionality
The Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler features innovative VeriFlex™ Blocks for enhanced PCR functionality. Six separate peltier blocks provide maximal versatility and flexibility and offer two key benefits: 1) PCR optimization—the ability to set each block at a specific temperature is ideal for precise control over PCR optimization; 2) run more experiments: the blocks can also be used for up to six different annealing temperatures in the same run. With this enhanced functionality, the Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler with VeriFlex™ Blocks is the ideal thermal cycler for any lab.

Fast Setup, Fast Results
The Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler has two different options for method navigation. For quick setup, you may select one of the preprogrammed run methods. If you prefer to program your own methods, simply touch the step you would like to set up, and then use the keypad to enter thermal cycling steps. After completing a setup, you have the choice of saving the method to the instrument or to a USB memory stick.

Control Your Time: Go Fast When You Want
With the Veriti™ Dx 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler you get two thermal cyclers in one: a standard thermal cycler with its better-than-gradient feature, and a fast-enabled thermal cycler. So whether you have a current need to run fast PCR and shorten your PCR cycling times, or a possible future application need for fast PCR, the Veriti™ Dx Thermal Cycler provides the flexibility to go fast when you want.


Block Format
6.5 in. VGA 32k color with touch screen
For Use With (Application)
For Use With (Equipment)
Veriti Dx Thermal Cycler
Product Line
Veriti™ Dx
Weight (English)
25 lb.
Weight (Metric)
11.4 kg
1 x 96-well x 0.1 ml tubes
Display Type
6.5 in. VGA 32K Color Touch Screen
Reaction Speed
Fast, Standard
Width (Metric)
23.7 cm
Depth (Metric)
48.5 cm
Height (Metric)
24.5 cm
Width (English)
9.3 in.
Depth (English)
19.1 in.
Height (English)
9.6 in.
100/240 V
Block Configurations
Max. Ramp Rate
5°C/Sec (Block), 4.25°C/Sec (Sample)
Thermal Uniformity
<0.5°C (20 Sec After Reaching 95°C)
Thermal Accuracy
±0.0.25°C (35°C to 99.9°C)
Thermal Range
0°C to 100°C
Product Type
Thermal Cycler
0.1 ml tubes, 96-well plate


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