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SOLiD™ RNA Barcoding Kit, Module 17-32

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SOLiD® Next-Generation Sequencing

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The SOLiD™ RNA Barcoding Kit, Module 17-32 enables you to increase the power of your studies by cost effectively increasing the numbers of samples analyzed in one SOLiD™ Sequencing run. Compatible with the SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit and SOLiD™ SAGE™ Kit, the SOLiD™ System barcodes contain unique sequences designed for optimal multiplexing. Module 17-32 contains sixteen different barcodes, selected for uniform melting temperature, low error rate, and orthogonal sequences that are unique in color space. The barcodes are added to the 3' end of the target sequence using a modified P2 adapter. SOLiD™ System barcoding enables the assignment of a unique identifier to templated beads made from a single library. Once the identifiers are assigned, multiple batches of templated beads may be pooled together for emulsion PCR and then sequenced.

Following sequencing, additional rounds of ligation-based sequencing are performed using primer sets complimentary to the barcode. The resulting reads can then be sorted by the barcode and aligned in groups to the reference sequence, enabling the sequencing of multiple libraries on the same slide—maximizing throughput while dramatically reducing costs.
SOLiD™ RNA Barcoding Kits contain PCR primer sets that are designed for use with the SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit and SOLiD™ SAGE™ Kit. Together, these kits enable multiplex SOLiD™ System sequencing of RNA samples. The SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit contains two primers:
• The SOLiD™ 5' PCR Primer is identical to the 5’ PCR primer provided in the SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit, and it contains the SOLiD™ emulsion PCR primer P1 sequence.
• The SOLiD™ 3' (reverse) PCR primers contain the P2 sequence required for SOLiD™ emulsion PCR, along with a unique barcode sequence, and an internal adaptor (IA) sequence necessary for sequencing the barcode (Figure 1). Using these primers in the cDNA amplification step of the SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit procedure generates barcoded cDNA libraries that can be mixed for multiplex SOLiD™ System sequencing.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): SOLiD™
Library Type: cDNA Library
Workflow Step: Library Barcoding
Starting Material: RNA
Sequencing Type: Transcriptome Sequencing
Downstream Application: Next-Generation Sequencing
Product Line: Ambion™, SOLiD™
Product Size: 16 libraries
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

SOLiD™ RNA Barcoding Kit, Module 17-32 includes SOLiD™ 5’ PCR Primer, SOLiD™ 3’ Primers: BC001–BC016. Store all kit components at –20 °C. Do not store in a frost-free freezer.


Manuals & protocols