Applied Biosystems™

ProFlex™ 96-well PCR System

Catalog number: 4484075
Applied Biosystems™

ProFlex™ 96-well PCR System

Catalog number: 4484075
Catalog Number
Unit Size
1 instrument
Price (USD)
Price: 10,520.00
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Catalog Number
Unit Size
System + 1 yr ABRC ext warranty
Price (USD)
Price: 11,596.00
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44840751 instrument
Price: 10,520.00
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A30755System + 1 yr ABRC ext warranty
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Product Overview
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Additional Information
The ProFlex™ 96-Well PCR System is the latest in our line of Applied Biosystems™ thermal cyclers. The ProFlex™ system combines the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems™ instruments with the flexible configuration and control features that adapt to your research needs.

The ProFlex™ 96-Well PCR System allows you to:

• Interchange the 96-well 0.2 mL block with another block type if your throughput needs change
• Access the system remotely (and conveniently) through a mobile app
• Program the instrument in seconds with a simple-to-use touchscreen interface
• Simulate your old instrument with Thermal Simulation modes
• Optimize your PCR quickly and efficiently with better-than-gradient VeriFlex™ blocks

Interchangeable Blocks
If your research requirements change in the future, or if you share the system with someone who requires a different format, simply remove the 96-well block from the top of the instrument and exchange it with another block type. This step takes typically less than 15 seconds, and requires no tools or kits.

Mobile App Connectivity
Have you ever set up all of your PCR reactions, only to find out that the thermal cycler is already in use? Check its availability with a mobile app before you get to the lab. Also download experimental report files, receive alerts, and more! Download our PCR Essentials app updated with this functionality.

Simulation Modes
The ProFlex™ PCR system is equipped with Simulation Modes that mimic your old thermal cycler's ramp rate. Simulation modes are available for MJ Research PTC 200, Bio-Rad™ C1000, Bio-Rad™ MyCycler™, Eppendorf™ Mastercycler™, Applied Biosystems™ 9700, Applied Biosystems™ 9600, and Applied Biosystems™ Veriti™ systems.

VeriFlex™ Blocks: Enhanced PCR Functionality
VeriFlex™ blocks are controlled by multiple Peltier elements (6 separate Peltier elements per 96-well module). This gives you the ultimate control of your block for precise, 'better-than-gradient' optimization experiments, and for running multiple reaction conditions at once for precise incubations and other non-PCR workflows.

8.4' Touch Screen Control
The simple and intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to program with ease, and limits the amount of time spent training yourself and others how to use the system.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Width (Metric)
33 cm
Depth (Metric)
56.5 cm
Height (Metric)
27.2 cm
Width (English)
13 in.
Depth (English)
22 in.
Height (English)
10.6 in.
100/240 V
Block Configurations
96-well, 6-Zone VeriFlex Block
Max. Ramp Rate
6°C/sec (Block), 4.4°C/sec (Sample)
Thermal Uniformity
<0.5°C (20 sec after reaching 95°C)
Thermal Accuracy
±0.25°C (35°C to 99.9°C)
Thermal Range
0°C to 100°C
Limited Warranty
Product Type
Thermal Cycler
0.2 mL tubes, 96-well plate
ProFlex™ 96-well PCR System
Temperature Accuracy
±0.25°C (35°C to 99.9°C)
Temperature Uniformity
<0.5 °C (20 sec after reaching 95 °C)
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible
USB and On-board
33 cm (13 in) (W) x 27 cm (11 in) (H) x 57 cm (22 in) (D)
Block Format
Touchscreen (8.4 in. TFT LCD)
For Use With (Equipment)
ProFlex™ PCR System
Peak Block Ramp Rate
Auto re-start (after power outages), Program overwrite protection
Reaction Volume Range
10 to 80 μL
Power Requirements
100-240V, 50-60 Hz Max: 950 VA
Sample Ramp Rate
± 4.4 °C⁄sec
Temperature Range (Metric)
0 to 100°C
18.75 kg (41 lb)
Product Line
1x 96-well, 0.2 mL
Display Type
8.4 in. Color TFT LCD
USB Wi-Fi, Ethernet
For Use With (Application)
Weight (Metric)
18.8 kg
Weight (English)
41 lb.
Reaction Speed
Fast, Standard