Thermo Scientific™

SkanIt™ Software for Microplate Readers

With SkanIt Software, you have full control over the instrument settings for all your Thermo Scientific™ microplate readers.  SkanIt™ software supports optimal use of the instrument features, offers visual workflow setup and effortless data reduction and exporting. Operation is simple and straightforward even for new users who only require basic reading capabilities. SkanIt Software Upgrade Package is specifically designed for Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan, Fluoroskan FL, and Luminoskan microplate readers to enable the use of SkanIt software and USB connection between instrument and PC. SkanIt Software is available in two editions: a research edition for scientists working in life science research and a drug discovery edition with features for compliancy with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. 

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Listed below are key features of SkanIt Software. For more information about software benefits, visit SkanIt Microplate Reader Software. To learn more about the microplate readers powered by SkanIt Software, visit Thermo Scientific Microplate Readers.
  • Multi-instrument software platform compatible with all Thermo Scientific microplate readers
  • Open license software for unlimited installation to multiple computers
  • Research Edition for life sciences; Drug Discovery Edition with features for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • User-interface languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Optional separate user accounts for controlling access
  • Robotic automation interface
  • Searchable SkanIt Cloud Library with ready-to-use protocols including calculations
  • Measurement sessions are easy to setup and navigate
  • Intuitive Virtual Pipetting Tool assists in defining the plate layout
  • Capable of endpoint, kinetic, spectral, bottom-reading multipoint, and kinetic-spectral measurements
  • Fluorescence SpectraViewer tool for optimizing fluorometric measurement
  • Single- or multiple-wavelength measurements and even multi-technology measurements
  • Results data show in real-time during the measurement
  • Merge data from multiple measurements into one kinetic data set
  • Transfer data to an Excel file with a single click
  • Manually or automatically export data to .xlsx, .pdf, .xml, and .txt file formats
  • Automatically load measurement data into a predefined Excel template file
  • SkanIt Software Upgrade Package is also compatible with the discontinued Fluoroskan Ascent, Fluoroskan Ascent FL, and Luminoskan Ascent microplate readers.
    • Note: the upgrade package is compatible with Ascent instruments that are equipped with internal software version 2.6.