Thermo Scientific™

PEEKsil™ Capillary Tubing

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Industrial Chromatography

Get excellent chemical compatibility and very low carryover to improve liquid chromatography (LC) performance using the highly inert Thermo Scientific™ PEEKsil™ Capillary Tubing. Made of precision-bore fused silica tubing coated with a 1/16 in. O.D. PEEK covering, it is capable of withstanding high pressures. PEEKsil tubing is ideal for capillary HPLC and LC-mass spectrometry (MS). The very smooth internal surface ensures excellent flow characteristics and very low carryover. It is compatible with most organic solvents and is usable in most standard chromatography systems.

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Recommended Use
  • Tubing is stiff; not recommended for uses requiring that tubing bends
  • Use precut lengths only; tube cutting after receipt may damage tubing