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PrioCHECK™ MAP Ab 2.0 Plate Kit

Catalog number:  63325

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Animal Health

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Note: The name of this product has changed. It was previously called PARACHEK 2 5 PLATES.

PARACHEK® 2 is a solid phase, indirect enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to detect antibodies to M. paratuberculosis in animal sera and milk of cattle, sheep, and goats. The PARACHEK® 2 procedure for 96 determinations (including controls) takes approximately 80 min and consists of four steps. In the first step, the samples are diluted and incubated in a diluent buffer containing M. phlei to remove cross-reacting antibodies. In the second step, specific antibodies present in the diluted samples bind to M. paratuberculosis antigens coated to the wells of a microtiterplate. Unreacted proteins are removed by washing. A secondary antibody that is conjugated to an enzyme that generates a color signal is added in the third step. In the fourth step, the presence of specific antibodies is visualized by adding the enzyme substrate. The intensity of the color signal is proportional to the amount of antibodies in the sample.
For Veterinary Use Only.


Gene ID (Entrez): Non-Gene
Protein Family: Other Proteins
Assay Sensitivity: See product documentation
Gene Symbol: Non-Gene
Target Kit Named: PARACHEK™ 2 Kit
Target Species Primary: Vet Disease Organism
Target Species Named: Bovine
Product Line: PARACHEK®, Prionics™
Immunoassay Kit Format: Various Other
Target Species Validated: Bovine, Goat, Sheep
Target Organism Class: Mycobacterium Avium spp paratuberculosis (MAP)

Contents & storage

5 plates