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Accucore™ XL C8 HPLC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

Improve conventional HPLC methods for your scale up purification needs by using Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ XL C8 preparative HPLC columns. Rugged 4µm solid-core particles guarantee high-efficiencies within standard HPLC pressure limits. Our high coverage C8 bonded phase delivers optimal retention of analytes with moderate hydrophobicity. These columns come in a wide range of dimensions and an option for XtendedLife hardware which improves column lifetime by maintaining a uniform packed bed.

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Lower Hydrophobic Retention

  • Recommended for moderately hydrophobic analytes or when a less hydrophobic phase provides optimum retention.
  • C8 (USP L7) selectivity.

High-Efficiency Separations for Enhanced Resolution and Sensitivity

  • Core-enhanced technology 4µm particles and narrow particle size distribution reduce band broadening and improve separation efficiencies for conventional HPLC methods.
  • High surface coverage of silica minimizes secondary interactions and peak tailing.

Preparative HPLC Column Hardware Options - based on column inner diameter (i.d.) and column performance needs.

Standard Threaded and Standard Flange Hardware

  • Designed for standard applications, expertly packed and robustly designed to provide versatile products for routine use.
  • Standard threaded hardware for column i.d. < 40mm.
  • Standard flange hardware for column i.d. ≥ 40mm.
  • Standard hardware can be modified on request to be compatible with SFC.

XtendedLife Hardware

  • Improves column lifetime by incorporating an internal Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) system, ensuring the media bed is continuously packed tightly.
  • Compatible with SFC and is available in dimensions up to 50mm i.d.

Preparative Guards are a proven and cost effective way to extend the lifetime of your prep column. Our preparative guard columns require the use of a preparative guard holder.

Customer Specific Orders

  • If there is a Thermo Scientific stationary phase you are currently using and would like to obtain in a preparative scale not shown or would like to discuss a specific column dimension, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.
  • Please contact your local sales representative for Customer Specific Orders.
  • Custom built columns are not eligible for returns.