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Syn-PER™ Synaptic Protein Extraction Reagent

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Thermo Scientific Syn-PER Synaptic Protein Extraction Reagent is a proprietary cell lysis reagent for efficient isolation of synaptosomes containing functional synaptic proteins from neuronal tissue and primary cultured neurons.

Features of Syn-PER Synaptic Protein Extraction Reagent:

Efficient synapse extraction—obtain up to 10 µg of synaptic protein per milligram of neuronal tissue or 4 µg synaptic protein per 35mm dish of primary cultured neurons (106 cells)
Gentle formulation—isolate viable synaptosomes; then lyse these synapses to extract native synaptic proteins and preserve phosphoprotein integrity
Fast procedure—obtain synaptosomal suspension of intact synapses in less than one hour
Simple protocol—requires no ultracentrifugation steps

Applications of Syn-PER Synaptic Protein Extraction Reagent:
• Isolate functional synaptosomes to study neurotransmitter release
• Extract pre- and post-synaptic proteins to identify changes in protein composition and function in synapses
• Preserve and study labile or transient protein phosphorylation events associated with synapses

Syn-PER Reagent is used to prepare synaptosomes containing biologically active pre-and post-synaptic proteins (i.e., intact membranes and protein complexes of synapses). When used with fresh neuronal tissue or primary cultured neurons, synaptosomes prepared with the Syn-PER Reagent can be used to study synaptic transmission. The synaptosomal proteins contained in these extracts can also be used for downstream applications such as Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, enzymatic activity assays and protein-protein interaction studies. Syn-PER Synaptic Protein Extraction Reagent minimizes the degradation of phosphoproteins and is ideal for studies requiring the preservation of phosphoprotein integrity.

Syn-PER Synaptic Protein Extraction Reagent efficiently enriches pre-and post-synaptic protein within synaptosomes with high yield. The nondenaturing cell lysis reagent is compatible with many downstream applications, including neurotransmitter release assays, enzyme assays (e.g., phosphatase, kinases), immunoassays, various chromatography procedures, and electrophoresis. In addition, Syn-PER Reagent preserves phosphoprotein integrity better than most commercially available extraction buffers, even in the absence of phosphatase inhibitors. Syn-PER Reagent does not contain protease or phosphatase inhibitors. However, inhibitors such as Thermo Scientific Halt Protease and/or Phosphatase Inhibitors can be added just before use to prevent proteolysis or to offer additional protection from the high phosphatase activity normally present in brain tissue.

Synaptosomes are isolated nerve terminals that are generated during the homogenization of nerve tissue. Synaptosome preparations can be used for extraction of pre- and post-synaptic proteins because they contain the complete pre-synaptic terminal, including mitochondria and synaptic vesicles, along with the post-synaptic membrane and the post-synaptic density. Synaptosomes are commonly used to study synaptic function because they contain functional ion channels, receptors, enzymes and intact synaptic vesicles, which can take up and release neurotransmitters. Synaptosome preparation typically involves several ultracentrifugation steps and density gradients to separate this cell fraction from other organelles.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Form: Liquid
Product Line: Syn-PER™
Reagent Type: Organelle Isolation, Subcellular Fractionation

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store product at 4°C.