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PrestoBlue™ Cell Viability Reagent

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Get high quality cell viability results and instant time savings with PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Reagent. PrestoBlue® is a ready to use cell permeable resazurin-based solution that functions as a cell viability indicator by using the reducing power of living cells to quantitatively measure the proliferation of cells. When added to cells, the PrestoBlue® reagent is modified by the reducing environment of the viable cell and turns red in color, becoming highly fluorescent. This color change can be detected using fluorescence or absorbance measurements.

The PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Reagent allows you to:

• Save time with an incubation step as short as 10 minutes.
• Obtain high quality results with a large dynamic range
• Experience convenience with the add and read homogenous format
• Monitor living cells and perform downstream functional assays

10-minute incubations
The PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Reagent is the only live-cell viability reagent on the market able to provide robust data typically in as little as 10 minutes following reagent addition. All other resazurin-based cell viability reagents on the market require a one to four hour incubation with the reagent prior to obtaining data.

High quality results
Based on the cell type and incubation time, PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Reagent can detect as few as 12 cells per well in a 384 well plate. After ten minutes of incubation the PrestoBlue® Reagent can linearly detect cells down to 98 cells⁄well with a Z’ value of greater than 0.5.

Homogenous assay format
The PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Reagent is an addition-only reagent. Without the cell lysis or solubilization steps required by other assays on the market, hands-on time is minimized.

Live cell assays
The PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Reagent does not require cell lysis. Cells may be incubated for up to 24 hours in the presence of PrestoBlue® Cell Viability Product. Simply remove the reagent from the cells and replace it with growth medium for further proliferation.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Permeability: Cell-Permeant
Compatible Cells: Bacteria, Eukaryotic Cells, Fungal Cells
Excitation/Emission: 535-560⁄590-615
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible
Incubation Time: 10 min. - 2 hrs
Product Line: PrestoBlue™
Quantity: 100mL
Sensitivity: 10 cells per well (384-well plate)
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet Ice
Detection Method: Colorimetric, Fluorescent
For Use With (Equipment): Microplate Reader, Spectrophotometer, HTS Reader
Label or Dye: Resazurin
Format: 96-well plate, Cuvettes, 384-well plate
Concentration: 10 X
Color: Blue

Contents & storage

Store at 4°C, protected from light.