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Expi293F™ Cells

Catalog number:  A14527

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Protein Expression

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Expi293F human cells are derived from the 293 cell line, and are a core component of the Expi293 Expression System. They are maintained in suspension culture and will grow to high density in Expi293 Expression Medium. Expi293F cells are highly transfectable and generate superior protein yields compared to standard 293 cell lines in transient protein expression.

Expi293F Cells attributes include:
Suspension culture cells pre-adapted to Expi293 Expression Medium
Demonstrated higher protein expression levels than other 293 cells adapted to Expi293 Expression Medium
Exhibit more rapid cell growth and higher culture viabilities than standard suspension-adapted 293 cells
Consistent transient expression performance of Expi293F cells for over 40 passages beyond thaw
• Also available from a cGMP bank (Cat. No. 100044202)

Frozen cells are supplied in a vial containing 1 ml of cells at 1 x 107 viable cells/ml in Expi293 Expression Medium and 10% DMSO. The cells should be thawed directly into Expi293 Expression Medium. The six-vial multipack eliminates the need to expand and rebank the cells in the lab.

Cells are typically grown in flasks on a shaker platform in a humidified, CO2 cell culture incubator. However, cultures are scalable from volumes of <1 mL in multiwell plates to >10 L in bioreactors. Protein harvest can be performed at 2 to 7 days post-transfection, depending on the protein expressed. For expression of recombinant antibodies, harvest is typically at 5 to 7 days post-transfection. There is no need for culture medium supplementation or batch feeding during expression.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: Expi293F™
Media Adaptation: Expi293™ Expression Medium
No. of Cells: 1 x 107
Parental Cells: FreeStyle™ 293-F Cells
Product Line: Expi293™
Quantity: 1 vial(s)
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
System Type: Expi293™ Expression System
Cell Type: Kidney (Embryonic)
Culture Type: Suspension Cell Culture
Form: Cryopreserved
Source: Human
Species: Human
pH: 6 to 8
Product Type: Expi293F Cell
Sterility: Sterile

Contents & storage

1 x 107 cells⁄mL, store in liquid nitrogen