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Attune™ NxT Software, single license

Catalog number: A24856
Thermo Scientific™

Attune™ NxT Software, single license

Catalog number: A24856
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also known as A-24856
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5 licenses
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also known as A-24855
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Catalog NumberUnit SizePrice (USD)
also known as A-24856
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also known as A-24855
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Attune™ NxT Software is used to operate and maintain the Attune™ NxT acoustic focusing cytometer. It enables powerful user-defined experimental analysis via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and provides advanced tools for both acquisition and analysis that are simple enough for users at all experience levels.

• Simplified use—streamlined, intuitive interface
• Speed—faster real-time analysis of large data sets
• Easy instrument operation—automated maintenance and instrument performance monitoring

Simplified use
Attune™ NxT software employs a menu system that presents the features you need when you need them without a lot of scrolling and clicking. The customization tab allows you to pre-define settings for plots, gates, experiments, reports, and overlays. To simplify experimental set up, the preview screen shows all plot combinations instantaneously allowing you to easily add them to the experiment workspace. Compensation is automated or user-defined and can be set up using a compensation guide.

Speed increases productivity
Attune™ NxT Software has been designed to maximize the efficiency in performing data analysis. It uses a Windows™ 7 64-bit system to provide fast refresh rates for large data sets of up to 20 million events created by multi-laser, multi-parameter instrumentation. The software allows you to immediately visualize changes to your data plots in real-time as you make adjustments. This allows you to spend less time analyzing data and more time on your research.

Easy instrument operation
Flow cytometers often require the user to spend time ensuring the quality of the system through maintenance tasks and proper QC, since changes in lasers, fluidics, and optics can affect the quality of the data generated. Attune™ NxT Software takes many of these manual tasks and fully automates them to help reduce time spent on instrument maintenance. The software provides an automated quality control instrument tracking system, important for collecting and analyzing accurate data requiring minimal user interaction.

Software features:
Instrument controls
Automated maintenance and performance testing
Data collection
Visualization tools
Dot plot, density plot, histogram
Histogram marker, quad marker
Customized logic gates
Data plot preview for quick plot set-up
Data display—log, linear, log transforms
Statistics—mean, median, mode, %CV, rCV, SD, % total, % gated
Experiment set-up
Automated compensation
Auto layout and freeform workspace layouts
Analysis tools
Multi-file selection tools
File management
Import/export of files and experiments
Files stored as FCS3.1 format
User management & security
User and administrator accounts—basic/admin
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment)
Attune™ NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer
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Flow Cytometer Software
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Room Temperature
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5 individual user licenses

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5 Attune™ NxT Software dongles, 5 copies Attune™ NxT Software