Notice: The Ion PGM™ Calibration Standard (Cat. No. A27832) is no longer included in the Ion PGM Hi-Q View Chef Kit. If you are performing de novo sequencing experiments that do not include a reference BAM file, please separately order the Ion PGM™ Calibration Standard (Cat. No. A27832).
Ion Torrent™

Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ View Chef Kit

Catalog number:  A29902

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The Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ View Chef Kit enables accurate and reproducible template preparation, chip loading, and sequencing of 200 bp libraries on the Ion Chef™ System and the Ion PGM™ System. The plug-and-play, pre-packaged, single-use reagent cartridges enable a fully automated workflow, processing two samples per run for increased productivity. Reagent and sample barcoding features help to verify the user-defined run plan and offer complete run traceability.

• Delivers automated template preparation and chip loading for 200 bp libraries
• Provides the most accurate sequencing chemistry available for the Ion PGM System
• Designed to minimize the hands-on time required to prepare your samples
• Helps increase lab throughput with dual sample processing

Maximize your results with high-accuracy sequencing chemistry
The Ion PGM Hi-Q View Chef Kit is an integral component of the Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing workflow. Designed to simplify the overall workflow with minimal hands-on time, the Ion Chef System is ideal for users of all experience levels. The Ion PGM Hi-Q View Chef Kit contains the most advanced templating and sequencing chemistries available to Ion PGM customers. Use the Ion PGM Hi-Q View Sequencing Kit to help maximize your variant calling performance and improve de novo sequencing applications.

A single kit to meet your Ion PGM sequencing needs
The Ion PGM Hi-Q View Chef Kit is configured to support all of your sequencing needs for applications requiring 200 bp read lengths. This kit supports the Ion 314™ Chip v2 BC, Ion 316™ Chip v2 BC, and the Ion 318™ Chip v2 BC. The kit includes sufficient reagents for eight 200 bp sequencing reactions.

For 400-base applications, order the Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ View Chef 400 Kit (Cat. No. A30798), which provides all the reagents needed for eight 400 bp sequencing reactions.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Hi-Q™ View, Ion PGM™
Recommended Applications: Comparative Sequencing (Germline Mutations - 50:50), Resequencing, Comparative Sequencing (Germline Mutations - 10:90 Heterozygotes), De Novo Sequencing, Comparative Sequencing (Somatic Mutations - 10:50)
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice
Software Compatibility: Torrent Suite™ Software v5.0.5 or later
For Use With (Equipment): Ion PGM™ System, Ion Chef™ System

Contents & storage

Ion PGM Hi-Q View sequencing supplies, solutions, and sequencing dNTPs, plus Ion Chef Hi-Q View templating reagents, solutions, and supplies for eight 200 bp sequencing runs.

Store at -10 to -30°C.