Applied Biosystems™

SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler + Plastics Package, EnduraPlates

Catalog number: A41193
Applied Biosystems™

SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler + Plastics Package, EnduraPlates

Catalog number: A41193
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This SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler package includes a thermal cycler plus MicroAmp EnduraPlates and MicroAmp Clear Adhesive Films.

SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
The Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler is an easy-to use, compact, and accurate thermal cycler designed to fit every lab’s essential PCR workflow. Innovations like a responsive color touch-screen and VeriFlex temperature control technology enable simple, accurate optimization. And now you can access your SimpliAmp cycler with Thermo Fisher Connect, giving you the freedom to design and securely upload your methods from any mobile device or desktop computer.

For detailed instrument information and specifications, see the SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler.

MicroAmp EnduraPlates
MicroAmp EnduraPlates offer excellent PCR or qPCR performance in formats developed to meet your experimental needs. They are a solution for work that requires special handling and an even greater degree of durability for use with multi-instrument experiments. They are validated for use with Applied Biosystems PCR thermal cyclers for optimal fit and performance.

Key features:
• Optimized for performance with Applied Biosystems instruments
• Certified DNA-, RNAse-, and PCR inhibitor-free with in-process sampling tests
• Constructed to ANSI/SBS standard, well suited to high-throughput laboratories and robot handling
• Available in multiple colors for easy organization of laboratory assays
• Excellent mechanical stability and flatness for your complete workflow needs

MicroAmp Clear Adhesive Films
MicroAmp Clear Adhesive Films create a secure seal across an entire microplate to prevent evaporation and well-to-well contamination.

Key features:
• Adhesive provides tight seal over wells to prevent leaks and evaporation.
• Easy to apply and remove
• Available as Clear (economical and sticky) or Optical (ready for real-time PCR and non-tacky)


Thermal Accuracy
±0.25°C (35°C to 99.9°C)
High-throughput Compatibility
Manual Protocols
For Use With (Equipment)
GeneAmp 9700, GeneAmp™ 2700, Veriti™ Thermal Cycler, 2720 Thermal Cycler
Thermal Uniformity
<0.5 °C (20 s after reaching 95°C)
46 x 24 x 21 cm (18.1 x 9.5 x 8.3 in.)
96-well, 0.2 mL
100 to 240 V
Display Type
8 in. Color TFT LCD Touchscreen
Product Type
Thermal Cycler
Limited Warranty
Thermal Range
0°C to 100°C
User Interface
USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
600 W
Max. Ramp Rate
4°C/s (Block), 3°C/s (Sample)
No. of Programs
>1000 Protocols
8.5 kg (18.3 lb.)
Block Configurations
96-well, 3-Zone VeriFlex Block

Contents & Storage

• SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
• 5 x MicroAmp EnduraPlate Optical 96-well Clear Reaction Plates with Barcode (100 plates total)
• 1 x MicroAmp Clear Adhesive Films (100 films)