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Applied Biosystems™ RapidLINK™ Software v1.0 License

Catalog number:  A41813

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NOTE: For use with the Applied Biosystems-branded RapidHIT ID System only (Cat. No. A41810).

Applied Biosystems RapidLINK Software v1.0 is part of the Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System. This fast and simple system produces trusted lab-quality forensic DNA profiles in 90 minutes that are aggregated within software for direct upload to the database of choice or for further review and analysis. This data management software expedites identity confirmation securely and efficiently.

This product provides a single Applied Biosystems RapidLINK Software v1.0 serial number and a selection of quantities of user licenses.
Features of the Applied Biosystems RapidLINK Software v1.0 include:
• Securely manage one or more Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID systems from a central location
• Review DNA profile results in real time prior to upload
• Enable or disable users in real time
• Collect and review metadata using built-in reporting tools
• Expert system-capable
• Sample/data accessioning workflow-capable

For Forensic and Human Identity Applications Only.


Product Line: RapidLINK™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Software Type: License

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