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Thermo Scientific™

Lab Vision™ Autostainer 360-2D

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Anatomical Pathology

Stain at least 108 slides per day with Thermo Scientific™ Autostainer 360-2D, a fast, space-saving unit that provides flexible options to meet the workflow needs of any laboratory. Autostainers are renowned for their consistency and reliability and are among the most widely used IHC platforms worldwide.
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  • One to 36 slide capacity, each individually programmable
  • User-specified protocols and choice of reagents
  • Multiple staining runs per day
  • Truly hands-free, walk-away operation with advanced timer functions for overnight use
  • Easy, Windows™ 7 based programming
  • Modular options with up to four units controlled from one PC
  • Complemented by the Thermo Scientific™ PT Module designed for fully automated, simultaneous dewaxing and epitope recovery (The PT Module is available seperately or in a system package).
  • Fast flow software logic enables flexible programming, operator ease of use and control of IHC costs

System Features:

  • Incorporates 2D Data Matrix Bar Coding for Slides and Reagents
  • Can be configured for research or diagnostic applcations at no additional cost
  • Scans rapidly using high precision label detector technology
  • Has integrated digital bar code scanner
  • Fully configured 2D data matrix software and printer interface
  • Bar code control of all protocol, reagent and slide operations
  • Preprintable data matrix labels with user-defined autoprograms
  • Adaptable for proprietary 2D-labeled reagents or user-defined reagents/labels
  • Optional individual inactivation of slide and/or reagent bar coding


  • 36-slide Autostainer with 2D matrix bar code reader
  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Label printer(s)
  • Document printer
  • Three metal reinforced, ABS plastic slide racks
  • Reagent rack Reagent vials and caps
  • Autostainer probe cleaning reagent kit
  • Buffer rinse bottle
  • Wash Buffer, DI water and waste containers
  • Universal Power Supply