Thermo Scientific™

AccuLINK™ Software Package

Achieve the best online accuracy possible with innovative software that provides continuous comparisons with the lab and timely, automatic calibrations. The Thermo Scientific™ AccuLINK Software Package links two leading cement products  - the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ series of XRF laboratory analyzers and the Thermo Scientific™ CB Omni family of online PGNAA elemental cement analyzers so you can compare data from both systems to ensure peak operational efficiency.

You can learn more about XRF instruments by visiting the XRF product page and about Online Analyzers by visiting the Cross-Belt Analyzers page.

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AccuLINK is an easy-to-use software package that provides automatic implementation of calibrations into your online analyzer system. The package compares the results of your online crossbelt analyzer with the site laboratory and provides both a statistical and graphical data analysis. By having your online analyzer operating at peak accuracy, the kiln feed will be more consistent, which can lead to greater throughput, fewer BTUs of coal burned per ton of clinker, less electrical cost per ton of clinker and longer brick life.


  • Laboratory accuracy now online
  • Reduced workload of laboratory personnel
  • Powerful diagnostic tool


  • Fully automatic calibration updates
  • Automatic outlier screening
  • Flexible, robust scatter and time series plots