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SuperChip™ Microarray Slides

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Anatomical Pathology

Choose Thermo Scientific™ SuperChip™ Microarray Slides for microarrays, a collection of DNA spots, cell spots, or antibody spots arrayed in high number and density on microarrays on a solid glass surface substrate. Several chemistries are available on Ultra Clean, ES, or HD surfaces.
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  • For microarrays fabricated with PCR products, oligonucleotides†, and proteins as probes


  • Most robust of all of the standard substrates
  • Modified with a uniform layer of epoxide groups for attaching molecules by their amine end
  • Useful for PCR products, oligonucleotides†, antibodies, and other proteins

Aldehyde Silane

  • Uniform coating of aldehydes for attaching aminemodified oligonucleotides† or proteins
  • Suitable also for microarrays using cDNA, RNA, antibodies, cell lysates, etc., as probes


  • Consistent surface of poly-l-lysine is provided, yielding a dense layer of amine groups
  • Ideal for ionic attachment of phosphate groups in the DNA or oligonucleotide† probe
  • Useful for small molecules and RNA studies

Ordering Information:

20 pieces in mBox.


†Thermo Scientific microoarray products may be used in connection with the manufacture, use and/or analysis of oligonucleotide arrays under patents owned by Oxford Gene Technology Limited or related companies (“OGT”). Thermo Fisher Scientific does not have the right to pass on a license under any such patents. Therefore before Thermo Scientific microarray products can be used in connection with the manufacture, use or analysis of oligonucleotide arrays, the user should first check with OGT as to whether a license is necessary and if so, secure one.