Celleste™ Image Analysis Software, network license, single-user seat upgrade

Catalog number: AMEP4938

Celleste™ Image Analysis Software, network license, single-user seat upgrade

Catalog number: AMEP4938
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Celleste Image Analysis Upgrade, network license (includes one seat), brings you all the capabilities and features of Celleste 6.0 Image Analysis Software. The most significant enhancements are preconfigured analysis templates that are optimized to deliver the most relevant data for a range of cell-based assays and an icon-based wizard-driven workflow streamlines image analysis and delivers data faster. A range of data display options allow users view results across the plate as heat-maps, image montages, histograms, pie chart and more. Optional deconvolution, rendering and GPU acceleration modules allow customization of the Celleste capabilities to your cell models and analysis requirements. Coupled with the powerful image acquisition capabilities of the EVOS microscopes, Celleste 6 software allows you to seamlessly capture, process, measure, analyze and share images and data.

Celleste 6 Image Analysis Software offers you these important advantages:
• Icon-based wizard-driven workflow streamlines image analysis and eliminate guesswork
• Preconfigured and optimized analysis templates for common applications help derive the most relevant results from image sets
• Wide range of report formats to visualize results, create reports and share images and data
• Optional modules for 2D and 3D deconvolution, 3D visualization and 3D analysis available to meet your specific needs

Image analysis
The Celleste 6 Multi Channel Analysis (MCA) tool is based on pre-configured algorithms, analysis templates, that have been trained on representative data to optimally segment and classify images from a range of common cell-based assays. Simply choose the app that corresponds to your assay of interest and follow the wizard-based workflow that guides a user step-by-step from image to data generation with a few clicks. Inspect images across the plate by clicking or by running the “play” function. Then simply apply the analysis to the desired wells and immediately view results in a format most appropriate for the assay. Choose from block diagram, graph, heat map, histogram, pie chart, scatter plot or 3D. Refine as desired and apply to the desired fields and wells in the data set.

Alternatively, use the full suite of powerful tools in Celleste 6 to customize image analysis to your specific needs, from image adjustments, background correction, alignment and tiling, counting and sizing using powerful segmentation and classification tools, measurements in up to four dimensions applied automatically over multiple channels, fields and wells. Display and export data with the same set of options as in the MCA workspace.

Celleste 6 software is a powerful image analysis solution that helps make your imaging research job easier and increases your productivity by seamlessly providing images and accurate data. With the proven usability of EVOS microscopes, you now have the tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your important images and data more effectively than ever.

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