Click-iT™ Protein Enrichment Kit, for click chemistry capture of azide-modified proteins

Catalog number: C10416

Click-iT™ Protein Enrichment Kit, for click chemistry capture of azide-modified proteins

Catalog number: C10416
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The Click-iT™ Protein Enrichment Kit for the efficient capture of click chemistry based azide-modified proteins on a resin of alkyne agarose. Superior to biotin or lectin based enrichment approaches. Ideal for proteomics, biomarker discovery, posttranslational modification (PTM) analysis, and more. The azide modification can occur via metabolic feeding, enzymatic addition, or chemical modification. Click-Azide modified proteins, or their post-translationally modified forms, are enriched from complex protein extracts on the alkyne-agarose resin supplied. Once anchored to the resin via copper catalyzed click chemistry, extensive washing yields a highly enriched population of nascent molecules that can be furthered characterized by mass spectrometry. The alkyne-agarose resin improves upon existing biotin approaches by>8 fold, with signal to noise of biotin = 3 while the Click-iT resin = 25.

Perfect upstream MS-based sample preparation technique for looking at changes in global protein expression and biomarker analysis.

The new Click-iT™ enrichment resin affords many distinct advantages including::

  1. global differential profiling of multiple subclasses of posttranslationally modified (PTM) proteins and newly synthesized proteins

  2. improved signal to noise by eliminating nonspecific binding and increasing selectivity, thus improving detection of low abundant proteins

  3. accelerates PTM site identification leading to more rapid initiation of functional studies

  4. fully compatible with widely used MS techniques including iTRAC and ICAT.

Seamless integration of cell biology with protein chemistry.

Affordable, easy, no special equipment required.

To know what’s new in your cells use Click-iT™

Click-iT™: One Reaction, Endless Possibilities.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Protein Enrichment Kit
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Room Temperature
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Spin Column

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Store at 2°C to 8°C. Desiccation recommended. Protect material from long-term exposure to light; may be exposed to light for short periods of time