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Phusion Flash High-Fidelity PCR Master Mix

Catalog number:  F548S

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Thermo Scientific Phusion Flash PCR Master Mix was developed to save valuable laboratory time. Ready-to-use 2X master mix preserves the fidelity and the yield in the reaction when using extremely short PCR protocols. Additionally, the user only needs to add template and primers minimizing the number of pipetting steps.

The unique master mix composition permits usage of extremely short cycling protocols with both low and high complexity DNA templates - 15 seconds per kilobase or less. The master mix utilizes Phusion Flash II DNA Polymerase, a modified proofreading DNA polymerase derived from Phusion Hot Start II High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase.

• Extreme speed: extension times of 15 s/kb or less
• Hot start modification allowing “zero-time reactivation”
• Accuracy: proofreading DNA polymerase with a fidelity of 25X Taq
• High yields in reduced time


• Fast PCR
• High-fidelity PCR
• Difficult (GC-rich) templates
• Template generation for sequencing
• Multiplex PCR
• Long-range PCR
• Cloning
• Mutagenesis
• Microarray

Using Phusion DNA Polymerases
Annealing rules for Phusion DNA Polymerases are different from many common DNA polymerases (such as Taq DNA polymerases). For optimal results, use our Tm calculator at

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Fidelity (vs. Taq): 25 X
GC-Rich PCR Performance: High
Hot Start: Built-In Hot Start
Overhang: Blunt
Polymerase: Phusion Flash II DNA Polymerase
Product Line: Phusion
Quantity: 100 reactions
Reaction Format: SuperMix or Master Mix
Reaction Speed: Fast

Contents & storage

• 1 x 1 mL Phusion Flash Master Mix

Store at -20°C.