SureCast™ Gel Handcast Bundle B - Hardware Only

Catalog number:  HC1000S

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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Pour your own polyacrylamide gels easily and confidently with a SureCast™ Gel Handcast Bundle B. The complete product includes the SureCast™ Handcast System. For a bundle that also includes the SureCast™ Handcast Reagents, please see SureCast™ Gel Handcast Bundle A. The system features durable glass plates that are securely sealed using a single-motion, load-and-lock mechanism. The unique tilt feature of the SureCast™ Handcast Station minimizes spillage and enhances loadability of casting solutions during hand casting. SureCast gels are designed for use in the Mini Gel Tank.

Features of the SureCast Handcast System include:
• Innovative, leak-free design—minimizes the number of failed gels, resulting in less wasted time
• Superior glass plate durability
• Simple assembly of casting components—just drop the glass plates in, then lock the cam handle
• Unique tilt feature for easy loading of acrylamide solutions

The SureCast Handcast System can be used to create polyacrylamide gels using SureCast Handcast Reagents as well as any other popular polyacrylamide gel casting reagents.

The SureCast Handcast Bundle B includes all the hardware you need to get started:
2 SureCast Handcast Stations
2 SureCast™ Glass Plate Sets (2 front and 2 back)
6 SureCast™ Gel Combs (2 each: 10-, 12-, 15-well)
10 SureCast™ Gel Spacers

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: SureCast™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

• 2 SureCast Gel Handcast Stations
• 2 sets SureCast Glass Plates
• 10 SureCast Gel Spacers
• 1 SureCast 10-well Multi-Use Tool
• 1 SureCast 12-well Multi-Use Tool
• 1 SureCast 15-well Multi-Use Tool
• 1 set SureCast Gel Combs (10-, 12-, 15-well)