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ToxID™ Automated Screening Software

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Substantially simplify LC-MS/MS screening workflows for forensic toxicology laboratories with Thermo Scientific™ ToxID™ Automated Screening Software. Designed for labs where a premium is placed on simple, easy-to-use software for novice LC-MS/MS users.

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Powerful Compound Identification

  • Provides the sensitivity and specificity required by today's forensic toxicologists
  • Supports five distinct screening applications based on different compound identification principles
  • Uses the widely-accepted NIST spectra library software and its library search algorithm for compound identification based on MS/MS and/or MS spectra

Automated Work Flow

  • Processes Xcalibur™ data files and automatically selects the correct screening application based on scan information in the data file
  • Implements an application-relevant algorithm to identify the compounds of interest
  • Automatically generates clear and concise sample reports
  • Acts as a post-acquisition process or as a stand-alone software


  • Realizes unprecedented qualitative power in compound identification when used with ion trap and hybrid mass spectrometers
  • Achieves simultaneous quantitative and qualitative compound confirmation when used with triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometers
  • Easily customizable and expandable to fit specific lab needs