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EpiJET DNA Methylation Analysis Kit (MspI/HpaII)

Catalog number: K1441

Thermo Scientific™  Related applications: Methylation Analysis

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5-Methylcytosine is a prominent epigenetic DNA modification which plays an important role in regulation of gene expression.
The Thermo Scientific EpiJET DNA Methylation Analysis Kit (MspI/HpaII) uses the MspI and HpaII restriction enzymes to analyze DNA methylation status at a specific locus. Epi MspI and Epi HpaII are isoschizomers with differing sensitivities to CpG methylation. When the internal CpG in the 5'-CCGG-3' tetranucleotide sequence is methylated, cleavage with Epi HpaII is blocked, but cleavage with Epi MspI is not affected.

The Epi MspI and Epi HpaII enzymes are specially formulated for epigenetics studies to complete genomic DNA digestion in 1 hour.


Fast—complete digestion of genomic DNA in 1 hour at 37°C
Efficient—specially formulated enzymes for epigenetic studies of DNA methylation status


• CpG methylation analysis at 5'-CCGG-3' loci


• Epi Mspl: 200 µL
• Epi HpaII: 200 µL
• 10X EpiBuffer: 1 mL
• Control pUC19/SmaI DNA Unmethylated (0.5 µg/ µL): 20 µL
• Control pUC19/SmaI DNA CpG Methylated (0.5 µg/ µL): 20 µL


DNA sample quality is important for efficient digestion by restriction endonucleases or downstream applications. We recommend use of spin column based kits, such as the Thermo Scientific GeneJET Genomic DNA Purification Kit (#K0721, #K0722).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: EpiJET
Product Size: 200 reactions


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