Thermo Scientific™

miniGen Neutron Generator

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Radiation Detection Measurement

Detect explosives and WMDs with a system that includes the Thermo Scientific™ miniGen Neutron Generator. The miniGen Neutron Generator is a compact, lightweight neutron generator. It is an ideal enabling technology for safety and security applications such as inspecting vehicles and cargo for chemical weapons, explosives, and a variety of contraband, as well as other applications requiring neutron activation analysis of major, minor, trace, and rare elements.
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The miniGen Neutron Generator is a derivative of the popular P 385 neutron generator in a more compact format, and with the new DNC III control interface. Compared to the P 385 neutron generator, the miniGen is 67% lighter and occupies 65% less space. All input and output signals are consolidated into two connectors on the front face.

The integrated front connectors have inputs for control of advanced functions such as a run timer, data logging, pulse counting, stand-by, and a facility interlock. The connectors have outputs for the source pulse and user adjustable Delay TTL signals.

The miniGen neutron generator is designed for longevity and lifetime cost savings. It operates with a graphical interface or text commands, and can be run on Mac or Windows PC and most other platforms.

The new design combines the accelerator head and control electronics into a single, compact unit.

An optional interface box is available to provide the complete set of individual control and safety connectors/features provided on larger neutron generators.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully integrated
  • Digital control
  • Yield of 3 x 108 n/s


  • Long tube life
  • High output
  • Modern digital control
  • Excellent economics
  • Ships as instrument or article


  • Explosives detection
  • Bulk material analysis
  • WMD detection
  • UXO analysis
  • Contraband detection
  • Vehicle/cargo inspection