Thermo Scientific™

μDrop™ and μDrop Duo Plates

Thermo Scientific™ μDrop™ and μDrop™ Duo Plates are ideal tools for quick and easy photometric low-volume (2–10 μl) concentration measurements of DNA, RNA, protein samples, or spectral scanning. The low volume area is designed to be used with 8-channel pipette for fast and accurate multiple sample pipetting. The plates also contain a separate area for cuvette measurement. µDrop Plates are compatible with Thermo Scientific Varioskan™ LUX, Multiskan™ Sky and Multiskan SkyHigh microplate readers. The intuitive Thermo Scientific SkanIt™ software and Multiskan SkyHigh user interface offer ready-made measurement protocols for quick sample measurement and analysis.
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  • dsDNA detection range from a few micrograms to a few milligrams per milliliter
  • Up to 16 (µDrop Plate) or 32 (µDrop Duo Plate) sample positions for quick and easy measurement of sample volumes down to 2 μl
  • Compatible with an eight-channel pipette for sample addition
  • Easy to clean after measurement
  • Measurement slot for a rectangular cuvette
  • Ready-made Multiskan SkyHigh user interface and SkanIt Software protocols for nucleic acid and protein analysis
  • Compatible with Multiskan Sky, Multiskan SkyHigh and Varioskan LUX microplate readers