Premo™ Halide Sensor

Catalog number: P10229

Premo™ Halide Sensor

Catalog number: P10229
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The Premo™ Halide Sensor is based on a yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) molecule sensitive to halide ions. The combination of the YFP (Venus) biosensor with efficient and non-cytopathic BacMam delivery and expression gives researchers a highly sensitive, robust and easy-to-use tool to efficiently screen halide ion channels and transporter modulators in their cellular models of choice. No specialized instruments are needed, as the sensor works on standard HTS platforms. - Cl– channel–specific—measure halide ion flux in voltage- and ligand-gated chloride channels and transporters - Fast—measure chloride flux in high-throughput mode with highly reproducible results - Robust—reliably high expression of the bright and fast maturating Venus sensor gives an excellent signal window - Convenient—study chloride flux in your cellular model by efficient and non-cytopathic delivery of Premo™ Halide Sensor by BacMam technology - Pharmacologically relevant—known modulators show dose-dependent quenching and BacMam delivery enables assays in primary cells The assay combines the YFP Venus halide sensor with a surrogate ion for chloride (iodide); upon stimulation of the chloride channel or transporter, iodide ions flow down the concentration gradient into the cells and quench YFP fluorescence upon binding; the amount of quench is directly proportional to the ion flux (chloride channel or transporter activity). Due to the bright Venus fluorescence, the Premo™ Halide Sensor signal window is excellent. We have demonstrated the utility and efficiency of the Premo™ Halide Sensor as a robust and true “no wash” HTS chloride assay. Premo™ Halide Sensor is pre-packaged and ready for immediate use. It contains all components required for cellular delivery and expression. Screening can be conducted in complete medium and without any wash steps. To uncouple cell maintenance and preparation from screening, simply freeze transduced cells and bring out as little as 4 h before the screen. Both stable cell lines and human primary cells can be prepared frozen and “assay-ready”.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Baculovirus (BacMam System)
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Fluorescence Microscope
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Halide Sensor
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Molecular Probes™, Premo™
20 ml
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Wet Ice
Ion Channels

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The Premo™ Halide Sensor is a pharmacologically relevant sensor for functional studies of ligand- and voltage-gated chloride channels. It is based on a halide-sensitive form of Venus, the brightest available YFP molecule, affording an excellent signal window. Packaged in BacMam format, delivery is efficient in a range of cell types, including human primary cells. We have demonstrated the utility and efficiency of the Premo™ Halide Sensor as a robust and true “no wash” HTS chloride assay.
Premo™ Halide Sensor should be stored at 4°C, protected from light and is supplied with an enhancer (store at 4°C). When stored as directed, the product is stable for 6 months.