Thermo Scientific™

POWERx X-Ray Inspection for Pharmaceutical Vials

Get superior detection of pharmaceutical vials with the Thermo Scientific™ POWERx dual side shoot x-ray inspection system. The patented dual beam approach reduces blind spots to nearly zero, increasing the probability of detection. This system complies with pharmaceutical regulations.

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The POWERx dual beam x-ray inspection system features:

  • Patented dual horizontal beams/detectors for glass in glass detection

  • State-of-the-art X-ray design and image analysis software to optimize sensitivity and probability of detection

  • Optional software modules for contaminant simulation, pharmaceutical regulation compliance 

  • Standard remote access feature to allow certified Thermo Scientific technicians to connect to your POWERx and optimize performance at any time

Hardware Options

  • Complete turn-key product handling system

  • Reject devices and bins, audible alarms and beacons

  • Metal and glass test spheres

  • UL or CSA safety certification

  • Radiation survey meter

  • Spare parts kit

*Not compliant with the international R51 standard