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Wellcogen™ Strep B Rapid Latex Agglutination Test, Wellcogen Strep B 30 Pk

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Clinical Microbiology

Wellcogen™ Strep B is a rapid latex test for use in the qualitative detection of antigen from group B streptococci, present in body fluids as a consequence of infection1 or in blood cultures. NOTE: Tests performed directly on clinical specimens are intended for screening purposes and should augment, not replace, culture procedures. Results must be used in conjunction with other data; e.g. symptoms, results of other tests, clinical impressions etc.
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Use this rapid latex agglutination test in the qualitative detection of antigens from Group B streptococci, present in body fluids as a consequence of infection, or in blood cultures. The reagent consists of polystyrene latex particles which have been coated with antibodies specific to the Group B antigen.

These latex particles agglutinate in the presence of sufficient homologous antigen.

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