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Sample Preparation

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Lab Automation

Gain greater consistency through automation and allow lab staff to focus on results using Thermo Scientific™ Sample Preparation. Manual sample preparation is one of the most time-consuming and repetitive functions in any lab, and includes high degrees of variability. Whether automating the most tedious step or your entire sample preparation process, we can provide consultation and recommendations that best fit your application, both Thermo Scientific and third-party solutions. Already using automation friendly instrumentation? We can help maximize your instrument uptime.

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Available Products


  • Choose from over 125 best-in-class instruments including: Liquid handlers, dispensers, washer, wide variety of detection instrumentation, sealers and much more


  • RapidStak microplate stacker
  • Orbitor RS microplate mover
  • CataLyst Express microplate mover


  • Momentum automation scheduling and workflow software
  • Polara™ RS scheduling software
  • Over 125 instrument drivers for best in class instrumentation
  • OEM programming tool kits, to controls movers or instruments

Automation Friendly Processes

  • Solvent delivery
  • Plate replication
  • Sample dissolution
  • Sample reformatting
  • Sample aspiration and dispensing
  • Serial dilutions
  • Purification
  • Cell plating

Automation of a wide variety of Capabilities

  • Liquid handling
  • Capping & uncapping
  • Sealing & de-sealing
  • Lidding & de-lidding
  • Well washing