For Research Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Novex™ 4 to 20% Tris-Glycine Plus Midi Protein Gel, 12+2-well

Catalog number:  WXP42012BOX

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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Novex Tris-Glycine Plus Midi Protein gels are improved polyacrylamide gels based on traditional Laemmli protein electrophoresis technology, allowing the use of Laemmli sample and running buffers. The gels offer reproducible separation of a wide range of proteins into well-resolved bands. Novex Tris-Glycine Plus Midi gels are a 1.0-mm thick, wider format (8 cm x 13 cm) gel for higher throughput electrophoresis of protein samples.

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Features of Novex Tris-Glycine Plus gels include:
Improved shelf life—store gels for up to 12 months at 4°C
Flexibility—use for native and denaturing protein assays
Fast run conditions—quickly separate your proteins using constant voltage in less than 60 minutes

Choose the right gel format for your experiments
Novex Tris-Glycine Plus Midi gels come in fixed concentrations of 10% and 12%, as well as gradient concentrations of 4–12%, 4–20%, and 8–16%. Select from our many well formats, including 12+2-, 20-, and 26-well.

Run your proteins in native or denatured form
Novex Tris-Glycine Plus gels do not contain SDS and so can be used to separate proteins in native or denatured form. For denatured proteins, we recommend using Novex Tris-Glycine SDS Sample Buffer and Novex Tris-Glycine SDS Running Buffer. For native proteins, we recommend using Novex Tris-Glycine Native Sample Buffer and Novex Tris-Glycine Native Running Buffer. The gels can be run using our XCell4 SureLock Midi-Cell or conveniently with the Bio-Rad Criterion Cell using our adapters.

For transfer of proteins to a membrane, we recommend using the Novex Tris-Glycine Transfer Buffer when performing traditional wet transfer. Rapid semi-dry transfer can be done using the Invitrogen Power Blotter or rapid dry transfer using the iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Size: Midi
Separation Range: 20 to 200 kd
Gel Percentage: 4 to 20%
Gel Type: Tris-Glycine
Separation Type: Denaturing, Native
Gel Thickness: 1.0 mm
For Use With (Equipment): XCell4 SureLock Midi
Separation of: Protein
Wells: 12+2-well
Quantity: 10/Pk.
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Product Line: Novex™
Product Type Specs: Tris-Glycine Plus Protein Gel
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Sample Loading Volume: up to 45 µL + 15 µL

Contents & storage

One box containing 10 gels.
Store in refrigerator (2–8°C). Do not freeze.
Shelf life up to one year.