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Actions are powerful. Sign up your child for COVID testing at school. Advocate for school testing. Share the resources below with your school administrator, and other parents.

A few comments from parents

I support in-school testing because…

“I am in support of anything that will prevent the spread of COVID and keep my children safe.”
– Parent of students ages 5, 6
“Even if a person is not showing symptoms of COVID doesn't mean they aren't a carrier. A carrier sometimes shows no symptoms.”
– Parent of students ages 8, 11, and 13 
“I want to make sure my babies don’t get COVID so if they pull out the kids testing positive for it then it will save the other kids.”
– Parent of students ages 11, 12

Keep kids in the classroom and coronavirus out



Will schools be the next source of COVID outbreaks?



Why do we need COVID-19 testing in schools?



Will school infections result in “long COVID”?



Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this program.


With the delta variant surging and children returning to school there is a risk of virus transmission?


Testing in schools can increase confidence in parents



Delta variant–what to know about this “Variant of Concern”



Fast & frequent testing wins over slow & sensitive



Eager to help advocate for the importance of COVID-19 testing in your child’s school district? Send this letter via email to your district’s school administrators, detailing key points for why testing is vital as kids return back to the classroom. Feel free to add your own personal experience of how remote learning has affected you and your family or attach any of the resources provided.
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