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Remel™ Sabouraud Dextrose Agar w/Chloramphenicol (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Sabouraud Dextrose Agar w/Chloramphenicol (pH 5.6) is used for cultivation and isolation of yeast and fungi.

Double Bagged Bottled Sabouraud Dextrose Medium (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform confident sterility testing with double bagged bottled media for added security between environmental class changes.

Alkaline Saline Peptone Water (ISO) (Dehydrated) (Thermo Scientific™)

Enrich and recover Vibrio species from food and water samples with this medium, while adhering to ISO/TS 21872-1&2:2007.

Remel™ Phosphate Buffer w/MgCl2 (pH 7.2) (Buffered Water) APHA Formulation (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Remel Phosphate Buffer with MgCl2 (pH 7.2) APHA Formulation is used as a diluent in microbial limit testing of food and water.

Remel™ Sabouraud Dextrose Broth 2% (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Sabouraud Dextrose Broth 2% (pH 5.6) (Fluid Sabouraud Medium) is used for cultivation and isolation of yeast and fungi.

Remel™ Fluid A (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Fluid A with 0.1% peptone (Peptone Fluid) is used as diluting or rinsing fluid for sterility testing.

Cold Filterable Vegetable Peptone Broth (Dehydrated) (Thermo Scientific™)

Carry out microbiological Media Fill Trials (MFT) in the pharmaceutical industry with this gamma-irradiated medium.

Oxoid™ Cronobacter Screening Broth Base (Thermo Scientific™)

Oxoid Cronobacter Screening Broth Base, a selective enrichment broth, isolates Cronobacter spp, from food and environmental samples.

Remel™ CLED (Cystine-Lactose-Electrolyte Deficient) Agar (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel CLED (Cystine-Lactose-Electrolyte Deficient) Agar is used for the isolation and cultivation of microorganisms from urine specimens.

Fluid Thioglycollate Medium with Indicator, Dextrose Medium (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce prep time while isolating aerobes, anaerobes and microaerophilic organisms with this liquid medium with formats available that meet international industry guidelines.

Remel™ Brilliant Green for Tetrathionate (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Brilliant Green for Tetrathionate is used with Tetrathionate Broth.

Remel™ Yeast Extract Phosphate Agar (Smith's Medium) (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Yeast Extract Phosphate Agar (Smith's Medium) is used for the primary recovery of dimorphic pathogenic fungi.

Chromogenic Cronobacter Isolation Agar (Dehydrated) (Thermo Scientific™)

Differentiate and enumerate Cronobacter sakazakii from infant formula and other food samples with this chromogenic medium.

Remel™ OF King Medium (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel OF King Medium is for the determination of oxidative and fermentative metabolism of carbohydrates by gram-negative bacilli.

Mueller Hinton Agar with 5% Sheep Blood (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform effortless Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests (AST) for fastidious organisms using this medium recommended by CLSI.