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MP35N Biocompatible Sample Loops for Split-Loop Autosamplers (Thermo Scientific™)

Order the MP35N biocompatible sample loop (25-500µL) you need for use in Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ UltiMate™ split-loop autosamplers.

HyperSep™ C18 Plates (Thermo Scientific™)

Get improved retention for most nonpolar compounds and organic analytes in aqueous matrices with these hydrophobic reversed phase C18 well plates and individual wells.

316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC (Thermo Scientific™)

Use cleaned, polished, passivated and ready-to-use Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC.

Injection Port Liners for Agilent instruments (Thermo Scientific™)

Use these injection port liners to optimize performance of Agilent GC instruments.

HyperSep™ C8 Plates (Thermo Scientific™)

Need a less retentive alternative to C18 for polar and nonpolar compounds? These hydrophobic reversed phase C8 well plates offer excellent performance.

Viper™ Online SPE Solutions Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure a perfect connection between your online SPE and your HPLC/UHPLC system with a single kit with zero-dead-volume fittings and capillaries.

Dionex™ ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore HPIC™ Systems (Thermo Scientific™)

Get significant increases in resolution and throughput in this high-pressure modular IC system for standard bore and microbore columns.

Manual GC Syringes (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily accomplish accurate, precise, and reproducible manual injections with Thermo Scientific™ GC Syringes.

Dionex™ ICS-5000+ DP Dual Pumps (Thermo Scientific™)

Available in analytical, capillary or hybrid versions to support capillary, microbore, standard bore, semiprep and IC x IC applications.

Dionex™ ASE™ 150/350 Cellulose Thimbles (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure reliable and reproducible analytical results. Use these high purity cellulose thimbles to hold solid and semisolid samples in place and prevent plugging.

SLIPFREE™ HPLC Column Single Connectors (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure leak-free, void-free column connections and optimize LC performance with universal, self-adjusting Thermo Scientific™ SLIPFREE™ HPLC Column Connectors.

General Gas Chromatography Tubing and Tools (Thermo Scientific™)

Use Thermo Scientific™ General Gas Chromatography Tubing and Tools to maintain and optimize your GC instrument.

Dionex™ Automation Chromatography USB Cables™ (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Automation Chromatography USB Cables

LinerGOLD™ GC Liners (Thermo Scientific™)

Use the gold-standard LinerGOLD™ GC Liners for consistently high accuracy, sensitivity, and precision in your gas chromatography (GC) analysis.

Dionex™ ICS-5000+ EG Eluent Generator Kit (Thermo Scientific™)

Add stable, electrolytic generation of high-purity eluent with the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-5000 EG Eluent Generator Kit.