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Hypersil™ PREP HS Phenyl HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Obtain maximum retention and loading of aromatic and moderately polar compounds with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ PREP HS Phenyl reversed phase preparative HPLC columns as you scale up your method. A high surface area particle with a 100Å pore size and a phenyl bonded phase gives the stationary phase moderate hydrophobicity, making it ideal for the separation of analyte mixtures with varying polarity and aromaticity perfect for small molecule and drug purification needs.

HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate H+ HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Manufactured with a proprietary process and subjected to stringent quality control procedures, Thermo Scientific™ HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate H+ LC Columns are used for the appropriate counter-ion to meet application requirements. Each column is individually tested to ensure column-to-column reproducibility.

Hypersil GOLD™ AX HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Efficiently separate smaller proteins, peptides, anionic species and polar molecules with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ AX LC Columns. The weak anion-exchange phase, created by a polymeric amine ligand bonded to highly pure base-deactivated silica, separates multiple charged analytes. The bonded phase offers additional chromatographic options, including hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC), which is ideal for the separation of sugars and other highly polar species.

Syncronis™ C18 Columns Thermo Scientific™

Achieve repeatable and consistent liquid chromatography (LC) separations using Thermo Scientific™ Syncronis™ C18 columns. Highly pure, high surface area silica and dense stationary phase coverage minimize secondary interactions and ensure robust, high-resolution separations. Double end-capping provides extra surface coverage and inertness toward basic compounds. Manufactured and rigorously tested in ISO 9000 facilities, these columns are designed to meet a range of analytical needs including fast method development, quantitative analysis, and quality control.

TraceGOLD TG-1301MS GC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-1301MS GC Columns provide low bleed, excellent reproducibility and column-to-column consistency even with sensitive detectors like ECDs and MS.

Accucore™ PFP HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Improve LC separations of halogenated compounds and nonhalogenated polar analytes using Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ PFP LC columns. Rugged 2.6µm solid-core particles enable fast, high-resolution separations at low backpressures. Fluorine groups in the PFP stationary phase provide enhanced retention and selectivity for positional isomers of halogenated compounds and for compounds with polar functional groups. Robust bonding technology and automated packing procedures ensure excellent reproducibility and long column lifetimes.

Reacti-Therm™ Magnetic Stirrers for Reacti-Vial™ Small Reaction Vials Thermo Scientific™

Use these triangular stir bars for faster reaction times and smooth mixing of small samples in conical-bottom vials of the Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™ Derivatization System. The stir bars provide simultaneous stirring of samples in multiple vials when used with a Reacti-Therm Heating/Stirring Module equipped with appropriate Reacti-Block Aluminum Blocks.

Dionex™ IonPac™ CS14 IC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Obtain consistent reliable results for the analysis of aliphatic amines, aromatic amines, and polyamines using methanesulfonic acid (MSA) or sulfuric acid eluents with the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ CS14 Cation-Exchange Column. The column facilitates resolution of a large number of aliphatic amines and Group I and Group II cations in diverse sample matrices. However, the newer Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ CS17, CS19 and CS19-4µm cation-exchange columns are recommended for these separations.

Hypersil™ Phenyl-BDS HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

As a base-deactivated column with unique selectivity for aromatic and slightly polar compounds, you can use Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ Phenyl-BDS LC Columns as an alternative selectivity to C18 or C8 phases. These economical columns feature reduced silanol activity and provide exceptional reliability for QA/QC labs. Built on the renowned Hypersil silica backbone, the base-deactivated silica is one of the most popular packing materials available.


For more challenging separations that require improved chromatographic performance, use Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ columns as an alternative.

Dionex™ IonPac™ CS17 IC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Obtain excellent selectivity and peak shapes for hydrophobic amines in complex matrices without solvent using the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ CS17 column. This medium-capacity, carboxylate-functionalized column is optimized for the gradient separation of hydrophobic and polyvalent amines using simple aqueous eluents and elevated temperatures (40˚C). It is intended for analysis of power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine, or ethanolamine; chemical additives; chemical process solutions; scrubber solutions; plating baths; industrial solvents; and food samples.

TraceGOLD™ TG-WaxMS B GC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Identify basic analytes with high performance, sensitivity, and reproducibility without derivatization or column priming using Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-WaxMS B columns.

Acclaim™ Polar Advantage II HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Resolve polar and nonpolar compounds in a single run with Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ PolarAdvantage II (PA2) reversed-phase columns. These high-efficiency, silica-based columns have a polar-embedded stationary phase that operates over a wider range of chromatographic conditions than possible with conventional reversed-phase stationary phases. Its unique chemistry provides enhanced hydrolytic stability from pH 1.5 to 10 with 100% aqueous mobile phases. The column exhibits selectivity that is complementary to conventional C18 columns and excellent peak shapes for both basic and acidic compounds.

Hypersil GOLD™ Phenyl HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Get excellent retention and unique selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ Phenyl reversed phase HPLC columns. A butyl (C4) linker in the phenyl bonded phase allows for superior alignment of the phenyl ring with aromatic molecules, thus enhancing pi-pi interactions and improving the retention of the molecules. The C4 linker also provides the stationary phase with moderate hydrophobicity, making it ideal for the separation of analyte mixtures with varying polarity and aromaticity. The outstanding peak shape results in greater sensitivity.

PepMap™ 100 C8 HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Choose Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ PepMap™ 100 C8 LC Columns when separating very hydrophobic peptides (nontryptic peptides) as an alternative to the PepMap™ C18 column.

POROS™ HQ50 RoboColumn Thermo Scientific™

RoboColumn™ chromatography products are small columns provided in 8-column strips. They are useful for fully automated and parallel chromatographic separations using robotic liquid handling platforms. These particular RoboColumns contain POROS™ HQ50 resin, a 50-micron strong anion-exchange resin suitable for low-pressure applications, including large-scale downstream bioprocessing.

POROS HQ is a high-performance chromatography resin based on a quaternized polyethyleneimine functional group, yielding a high capacity. It is designed for the separation and purification of biomolecules for analytical to process scale separations.

Features of the resin:
• Higher productivity—through high throughput and high dynamic capacity associated with high performance chromatography
• Chemical stability—allows aggressive cleaning and sanitization
• Enhanced biomolecule access—provided via large pores (500-10000 Å)
• Polystyrenedivinylbenzene particles—yield a robust, easily packable matrix
• Better separation methods in less time—the speed of high performance chromatography reduces weeks of experimentation to only a few hours, leaving more time to explore all the variables of your separation

RoboColumn is a registered trademark of ATOLL GmbH.
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