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TSQ Fortis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Increase productivity, with reliability and robustness, for labs focused on performing targeted quantitation with the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Fortis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. This system makes it easier to meet today's demands by confidently answering more complex questions per sample, while achieving reproducible results.

TSQ Quantis™ MD Series Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Achieve the sensitivity to perform routine quantitative analyses with remarkable speed and robustness. The Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Quantis™ MD Series mass spectrometer can be used by clinical diagnostic laboratories to meet their routine requirements for laboratory developed tests (LDTs). With Active Ion Management (AIM+) technology,the TSQ Quantis MD Series delivers confident quantitation for routine analyses of human specimens.

Spray Chamber Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Improve your analysis by matching the Thermo Scientific™ Spray Chamber to your analysis requirements when using the advanced Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS system.

pHR-ICP-MS Spray Chambers are available in quartz or PFA, double-pass or cyclonic or even dedicated solely to the high precision measurement of isotope rations so you can tailor your spray chamber accessory to your chosen analyte precisely.

Element™ Series HR-ICP-MS Thermo Scientific™

Clean up your spectra. Make your analysis easy. High-Resolution ICP-MS is made for the most flexible and reliable analyses, for the best analytical results. Perform accurate and reliable quantitative multi-element analyses at trace level, with the highest sensitivity and without complicated sample preparation. The Thermo Scientific™ Element 2™ and Element XR™ High Resolution ICP-MS systems cover the mg/L to sub pg/L concentration range—making them especially suitable for semiconductor, geological and material science laboratories.

Nebulizers Thermo Scientific™

Select a Thermo Scientific™ Nebulizer to meet your laboratory’s needs from this range compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Q ICP-MS analyzer.

The standard cyclonic spray chamber on the iCAP Q ICP-MS system accepts all types of nebulizers with a 6mm outside diameter.

CETAC™ Autosamplers Thermo Scientific™

Increase sample throughput in your laboratory with Thermo Scientific™ CETAC™ Autosamplers. This selection of advanced autosamplers, compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ brand of high performance Trace Elemental analyzers, frees up your operators for other tasks, while intelligent automated sample introduction speeds workflows and eliminates manual errors.

Sample Cones Thermo Scientific™

These easily changeable Thermo Scientific™ Sample Cones for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT GD™ GD-MS system are available in stainless steel or graphite, to suit your analysis requirements. While the Plug-in Cones are recommended in terms of durability, superior performance and ease of use, the previous design nickel cones are also still supported.

MSQ Plus™ Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Upgrade to Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ EC/EM single quadrupole mass spectrometer.
The Thermo Scientific™ MSQ Plus™ single quadrupole mass spectrometer has been discontinued, and has been replaced by the Thermo Scientific ISQ EC/EM single quadrupole mass spectrometer. Service, spare parts and consumables are still available through the normal channels. Please contact your local representative to discuss your system requirements.

TSQ Altis™ MD Series Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Develop in vitro diagnostic tests for demanding quantitative analyses leveraging the enhanced sensitivity and remarkable speed and robustness of the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Altis™ MD Series Mass Spectrometer. The TSQ Altis MD Series mass spectrometer, a Class I medical device, offers superb analytical performance and features the maximum usability, sensitivity and robustness required for laboratory developed tests (LDTs) from clinical diagnostic laboratories. With superb analytical performance, this platform features maximum usability, sensitivity, and robustness.

Sample Loop Assemblies for Oils Thermo Scientific™

Select quality consumables designed for use with your chosen sample matrix to maximize productivity and accuracy.Available in a range of volumes to match your analysis requirements, Thermo Scientific™ Sample Loop Assemblies for Oils are designed specifically for use with oil based samples diluted in kerosene, toluene or white spirit.

Liquid Sample Introduction Kits for iCAP™ 6000 Series ICP-OES Thermo Scientific™

A range of preconfigured, plug-and-play sample introduction kits offer increased flexibility to analyze a wide variety of sample matrices with the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 6000 Series ICP-OES instruments. With optional, dedicated kits available for high solid content, organic, volatile organic and hydrofluoric acid (HF) containing samples, for the Radial and Duo systems; precise, accurate sample delivery is guaranteed every time.

Peristaltic Pump Tubing Thermo Scientific™

Suit your sample matrices and applications with this comprehensive range of Thermo Scientific™ Peristaltic Pump Tubing for the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Q ICP-MS; all designed for durability and fitness for purpose.

TraceFinder™ Software Thermo Scientific™

Routine high-throughput screening and quantitation demands rapid access to confident results where users may have different experience levels.

Increase your productivity through acquiring and processing your targeted screening and routine quantitative data from LC and GC (including multiplexed and third-party systems), Quadrupole and HRAM-MS systems.

Configure with environmental, clinical, food safety, forensics and pharma/biopharma specific nomenclature, to rapidly develop confident methods which are accessible to all with minimal training requirements.

CETAC™ APS-1650 Automated Preparation Station for Oil Dilution Thermo Scientific™

Eliminate human error, improve consistency and accuracy of your results and speed up the sample preparation process with this high throughput dilution system for oil samples from CETAC™ Technologies.



Reducing typical dilution times down to about 35 seconds, the Thermo Scientific CETAC™ APS-1650 Automated Preparation Station for Oil Dilution is a flexible, high-performance sample preparation accessory that will quickly become indispensable in any lab that needs to analyze oils.

Compound Discoverer Software Thermo Scientific™

Streamline and customize high-resolution accurate-mass data analysis with Thermo Scientific™ Compound Discoverer™ small molecule identification software. Compound Discoverer simplifies and reduces processing clicks, enabling you to go from analysis to insight faster. Fully customizable node-based workflows, integrated compound identification capabilities, and statistical analysis streamline data analyses to deliver confident results to drive your decision making.

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