Laboratory Automation

Laboratory Automation

Laboratory automation products are designed to support the automation of a wide range of laboratory systems. Products include instruments, systems, software, and a variety of accessories.
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ECA-3 Elemental Crossbelt Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Coal mines must meet a variety of customer specifications for different coal qualities.The Thermo Scientific™ ECA-3 Elemental Crossbelt Analyzer provides real-time quality analysis of critical process streams to facilitate sorting, blending and out-of-seam dilution control.

Genomics and Proteomics Platforms Thermo Scientific™

Address all parts of the Genomics and Proteomics workflow, from sample preparation through to analysis. Thermo Scientific™ Genomics and Proteomics Platforms provide automated solutions at the scale you need.

ARL™ 9900 Total Cement Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Achieve excellent process control and save fuel in your cement plant with both chemical and phase analysis in one simple operation. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ 9900 Total Cement Analyzer combines X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) technologies for a better and more complete...

Dimension4 Modular Automation Platform Thermo Scientific™

Things change rapidly in the business of drug discovery: assay techniques, instrument technologies, bioinformatics, staff, facilities, research goals, government regulations... budgets. The solution is here now: Thermo Scientific™ Dimension4 Modular Automation Platform consists of software and...

SamStat-30 Representative Slurry Sampling Stations Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ SamStat-30 provides periodic composite samples of a full slurry stream for metallurgical accounting. The SamStat-30 uses a series of tanks featuring fixed and cross cutters and a variable speed mixer to produce a representative sample.

AccuLINK™ Software Package Thermo Scientific™

Achieve the best online accuracy possible with innovative software that provides continuous comparisons with the lab and timely, automatic calibrations. The Thermo Scientific™ AccuLINK Software Package links two leading cement products - the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ series of XRF laboratory analyzers...

CB Omni™ Fusion Online Elemental Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Perform real-time quality control for process optimization. The Thermo Scientific™ CB Omni™ Fusion Online Elemental Analyzer provides high frequency online elemental analysis of an entire raw material process stream using Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) or Pulsed Fast Thermal...

F7 Robot System Thermo Scientific™

Combine the performance of an industrial robot with the application-driven benefits of a traditional Thermo Scientific laboratory robot. The Thermo Scientific™ F7 Robot has ± 0.02 mm repeatability at full, 5 kg payload and full speed within the entire robot work envelope ensures maximum accuracy and...

Toxicity Testing Workstation Thermo Scientific™

Perform automatic testing of drug candidates for cytotoxicity using Thermo Scientific™ Toxicity Testing Workstation. The Thermo Scientific Catalyst Express robot-centered system enable turnkey cytotoxity testing.

SampleArray™ Instrument Thermo Scientific™

Array sample tubes in 48-, 96-, or 384-format racks quickly and easily for optimal downstream sample processing. Compatible with applications that require sample handling down to -20°C, the Thermo Scientific™ SampleArray™ instrument can transport individual tubes without thawing precious samples.

High Content Analysis Thermo Scientific™

Flexibible and adaptable to both current and future workflows and capacity needs, Thermo Scientific™ High Content Analysis Solutions scale from simple feeding of an automation friendly imager through to a complete cell preparation and imaging workflow solutions.

Assay Ready Plate Production Thermo Scientific™

Optimize performance, reliability and flexibility using Thermo Scientific™ Assay Ready Plate Production. Thermo Scientific automated solutions scale with your operations, from low capacity single assay workstations to full scale production of multiple uHTS assay plate types.

Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover Thermo Scientific™

Increase throughput, storage capacity, and operational efficiency with the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover, an updated, compact, and collaborative bench-top mover with integrated barcode scanning for greater flexibility.

CB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ CB Omni™ Agile Online Elemental Analyzer provides unprecedented configuration flexibility that provides options to suit various applications. CB Omni Agile offers not only enhanced configurability through its modern modular industrial design to suit your application, but a...

ARL OPTIM'X Cement Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Cement QC laboratories face demanding elemental analysis requirements to determine major and minor oxides in clinker, cement and raw materials such as limestone, sand and bauxite. The preconfigured Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ OPTIM’X Cement Analyzer for dedicated cement applications offers a powerful...
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