In the Forefront of Chromatography Innovations

Mar 03, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021

The need to push the frontiers of science requires extraordinary innovations, application flexibility and robust workflows.  To help you achieve your scientific goals, the Chromatography Innovation Series was created to share new innovations and solutions that will address your most complex analytical challenges.

This Series has 4 topics with spotlights on the latest innovations, applications, information and research for GC & GC-MS, Pharma, LC & LC-MS, and IC. To deliver a unique virtual experience, we have brought forth the Innovation Summit 2021 Series, part of the Chromatography Innovation Series, focusing on the latest innovations for chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Together with the voices of experts and customers from around the world, Thermo Fisher Scientific will help you meet tomorrow’s ever-increasing demands for analytical performance, productivity, and ease of use.



Transform Your GC & GC-MS Results

We kickstarted the 2021 Chromatography Innovation Series with exciting GC and GC-MS innovations that will empower you to transform your results.

On 3 March 2021, we launched and unveiled our next generation innovations. In case you missed our “live” session, you can tune in to our on-demand sessions now where you can watch informative presentations by Professor Alexander Makarov and industry experts in GC and GC-MS technologies.


  • Efficiency gains of GC Orbitrap in high throughput and sensitive testing
    David Haas | Senior Project Manager | Eurofins GfA Lab Services GmbH

  • Improvement of sensitivity, accuracy and precision of quantitative data through automation
    Gilberto Pintonello | Supervisor, Chromatography Department | Veritas S.p.A

  • The next generation Orbitrap mass spectrometry family for every analytical lab
    Professor Alexander Makarov | Director of Global Research, Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry | Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • The next generation to transform GC-MS
    Dominic Roberts | Product Marketing Manager | Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Jason Cole | Senior Product Manager | Thermo Fisher Scientific



Accelerate Your Pharma Pipeline - From Discovery to QC

In these unprecedented times, we know that bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing tremendous pressure to meet global demand.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by producers of medicines. Therefore, we invited industry experts such as Dr. Alexander Schwenger from CureVac and Darshan Patel from AbbVie to share new innovations and solutions to empower you to deliver your next-generation drugs to market.

Join us on-demand as we feature novel technologies and innovative solutions to current pharmaceutical challenges.

  • CAD in pharmaceutical analysis – Selected applications and optimization strategies
    Paul Gamache | Director of Research and Development | Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Exclusive knowledge sharing: from lab to manufacturing – A discussion on AbbVie’s experience in addressing challenges in method development with HPLC
    Darshan Patel | Senior Scientist II | AbbVie Inc.

  • Manual integration – A potential disaster?
    Brain Alliston  | Head of Information Security, Compliance & Integrity | Sterling Pharma Solutions

  • The 2D-LC system of your dreams – The innovative take on vaccine research
    Dr. Alexander Schwenger | Manager EPD Physico Chemical | CureVac
    Dr. Frank Steiner | Sr. Manager of Product Applications & Scientific Advisor | Thermo Fisher Scientific



Beyond Brilliant + Advance Your Quantitative Capabilities

The global community continues to expect unprecedented progress from the scientific community whether in research or applied markets such as proteomics, food, pharma/biopharma, and many others.

Missed our newest analytical innovations launched in September 2021? Watch the on-demand session now and learn how we can help you go #BeyondBrilliant plus #AdvancedQuantitation with new technology capabilities to power discovery, enable breakthroughs, deliver next-level qualitative and quantitative productivity as well as performance.

  • Advance your quantitative capabilities with the TSQ Plus Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers​
    Mary Blackburn, Ph.D | Director of Product Management, LSMS | Thermo Fisher Scientific​

  • A novel trapping-microLC-FAIMS/SRM-MS method with a differential compensate-voltage(dCV) approach enabling ultrasensitive, selective and high-throughput targeted protein quantification​
    Prof. Jun Qu | Professor in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences | University of Buffalo​

  • Implementation of a next-generation low-flow LC for ultrasensitive and single-cell proteomics​
    David H Perlman | Senior Principal Scientist, Director of Ultrasensitive Proteomics | Merck Exploratory Science Center​

  • Improved analysis for veterinary medicines in animal tissues: Instrument innovations and automated solutions  ​
    Ed George | Senior Applications Specialist, Environmental and Food Safety, LSMS | Thermo Fisher Scientific​

  • Nitrosamine impurities analysis using the Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer ​
    Lisa Dowse, Ph.D. | Global Project Lead – Impurities | Thermo Fisher Scientific​
    Wael Elmasri, Ph.D. | Principal Scientist | Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Robust improvement of sample throughput analysis of pesticide residues by LC— Triple Quadrupole MS ​
    Dr. Amadeo Fernández-Alba | Professor in Analytical Chemistry of University of Almería (Spain) &
    Head of the European Reference Laboratory for Multiresidue Methods in Fruits and Vegetables ​

  • Robust, reproducible and quantitative analysis of thousands of proteomes by micro-flow LC–MS/MS​
    Bernhard Kuster | Professor and Chair of Proteomics | Technical University of Munich​

  • Vanquish Neo UHPLC system and PepMap Neo columns are pushing the boundaries of proteomics research​
    Alexander Boychenko, Ph.D | Product Marketing Manager | Thermo Fisher Scientific​

  • Vanquish Neo UHPLC System: The new generation of robustness and accuracy in sensitive proteome research​
    Karl Mechtler | Head of Protein Chemistry Facility, Research | Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)​



Be Bold – To the Edge and Beyond

Ion Chromatography (IC) is the most dominant method in ion analysis and has also developed into a significant chromatographic technique within the field of separation science.

Missed our live session on 20th October? Good news, the on-demand webcasts are now available so you can watch them from the comfort of your laboratory, office or home. Join Professor Paul Haddad, PD Dr. Joachim Weiss and Dr. Manus Carey as they address innovations and breakthroughs in IC.

  • Computerised approaches to method development and the prediction of retention in ion chromatography​
    Professor Paul Haddad | Emeritus Distinguished Professor | University of Tasmania​

  • ICP-MS study on elemental profiling of rice in global markets​
    Dr Manus Carey | Research Fellow | Institute of Global Food Security​

  • Recent innovations in ion chromatography​
    PD Dr. Joachim Weiss | Technical Director | Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH​

  • Q&A session
    PD Dr. Joachim Weiss | Technical Director | Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH​


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