Webinar: The ultimate S/TEM platform for the widest range of materials

(S)TEM, (scanning) transmission electron microscopy, and EDX, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, are complimentary techniques that allow you to characterize the structural and chemical composition of materials down to the atom.

Join our two-part webinar to learn about the latest advances in (S)TEM and EDX that have enabled the analysis of the widest range of materials to date, including challenging samples such as beam-sensitive materials.

In part one, we will introduce a new (S)TEM platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific that is ideally suited for the analysis of beam-sensitive materials. Learn how this instrument can:

  • Mitigate damage in beam sensitive specimens by switching between different accelerating voltages (between 30 and 300 kV) in a single microscopy session
  • Accommodate a radically different EDX concept that significantly broadens the range of materials that can be analyzed with STEM-EDX

In part two,Nestor Zaluzec, Senior Scientist, Educator and Inventor at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratorywill describe his own role in the development of X-ray detection technology, and how X-ray hyperspectral analysis can ultimately improve the quality of data that can be extracted from materials.

Important Disclaimer

Nothing in Nestor Zaluzec’s presentation constitutes or implies any endorsement of Thermo Fisher or its products.

Nestor Zaluzec, Senior Scientist, Educator and Inventor, Argonne National Laboratory

About the speakers:

Nestor Zaluzec, Senior Scientist, Educator and Inventor, Argonne National Laboratory

A Fellow of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the University of Chicago/CASE, and Northwestern University/NAISE laboratories, Nestor Zaluzec has and continues to hold the tripartite role of Senior Scientist, Educator and Inventor at Argonne National Laboratory. Nestor’s innovative research includes development of state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques for atomic resolution X-ray and electron spectroscopy and electron microscopy. In addition to creating tools for science, as a researcher, he also uses these bleeding-edge technologies to study vexing problems in technologically important materials.

Christian Maunders, Product Marketing Manager, Spectra, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Christian Maunders, Product Marketing Manager, Spectra, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Christian Maunders joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2011 as a Field Service Engineer after completing post-doctorate studies in both Canada and Australia. His research was focused on the development of quantitative aberration-corrected STEM and the characterization of complex oxides with high-resolution EELS. Since joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, Christian has been the Product Marketing Manager for Themis and Spectra in the High-End TEM product portfolio for the Materials Science Business Unit. Christian received his PhD in Materials Science (2004) from Monash University, Australia.

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