Custom and Commercial Supply

Customizable manufacturing solutions for next-generation reagents

As a leading supplier of molecular biology reagents, we offer quality materials, services and support you need to develop next-generation molecular test assays. Regardless of where you are in your assay development, we have off-the-shelf or custom solutions to help you achieve your goals – all the way through to commercialization.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is an experienced supplier that has worked with many molecular diagnostics companies and understands both raw material and new technologies to help make their vison into a reality – a dedicated partner that brings values beyond products.

OEM Manufacturing Capabilities for Enzymology

Meeting the needs of molecular biology OEM and commercial supply customers from discovery to manufacturing

Customize to fit your need

  • Comprehensive product development and customization capabilities – custom formulation, configuration, and concentrations
  • Supply of products at any scale and in any format – from bulk formats to finished goods
  • Custom product labeling and packaging capabilities with outer packaging – from specific finish to box design
  • Custom quality control testing and documentation

Custom Oligos

Providing custom DNA oligo synthesis products and services with superior quality, quick turnaround time and affordable prices

Quality in everything we do

  • Manufactured at facilities that meet 100,000 (class D) clean room standards
  • Stringent quality standard with proven lot-to-lot consistency in narrow specifications
  • Rigorous documentation, complete traceability and process control
  • Regulatory experience with over 300 employees in QA/RA
  • Quality management systems certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards

ISO and British Standard (BS) certifications covering environment, occupational health and safety, quality management systems for medical devices, and overall quality systems.

Security of supply

  • Worldwide recognition with an exemplary reputation and financial stability
  • Commercial supply and licensing agreements—securing long-term relationships
  • Business continuity through contingency planning, risk management, and availability of multiple manufacturing sites
  • Safe and efficient product delivery and global cold-chain supply capabilities

Security of Supply for Commercial Supply

Ensuring long-term security of supply is essential for molecular assay development

Technical expertise with unlimited possibilities

  • Over 40 years of expertise in the development and manufacturing of enzymes and nucleotides
  • Next-generation enzymes with improved properties derived from in vitro protein evolution
  • Over 50 years of experience in the OEM and commercial supply business

Manufacturing innovation

  • Single-use technology for manufacturing of DNA-free enzymes – learn more

Innovation formulation

Protein design

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