In 2012, we debuted our new Customer Command Center. The Customer Command Center network, with regional coverage in 5 continents, was implemented as a cross functional infrastructure to address issues in the end to end customer experience. We work with customers and employees to ensure that wherever we have gaps or misses in the designed customer experience, we remedy them as quickly as possible and also determine the underlying root cause to sustainably fix and prevent recurrence.
We have always been partners at the bench, joining with our customers to evolve our products and services so we can keep pace with the fast-moving world of science and discovery.

As we pursue zero waste status, we are closing the loop on materials and increasing our commitment to recycled, recyclable, reused, and refurbished equipment. Making this shift means our customers are becoming our suppliers, because we are building product take-back into every new instrument that leaves our warehouses.

Customers Become Suppliers

Our goal is to partner with our customers so they become a part of our supply chain. Ideally, all new products will one day be zero-landfill products. By building “take-back” into the product life cycle, we are providing means for our products to be collected, disassembled, refurbished, recycled, or harvested for high-value parts, to close the loop and reduce waste for customers.

Credibility for Green Marketing

Since 2010, we have partnered with UL Environment®, a third-party certification source that provides clarity for the validation of claims and certification of standards for our instruments. Learn more about our Greener Product Alternatives.

Customer Feedback

Hearing from customers is important to us. See how your feedback is making a difference.

External Collaboration

We are always seeking opportunities to better connect and partner with our customers. We created a $1 million pool of research dollars earmarked for Collaborative Research Compacts (CRCs). Each year, the company sponsors 20–25 collaboration projects that allow our researchers to connect with external thought leaders and forge relationships that last long after the compact ends.

Sustainability highlights: