At the core of an incubator is the goal of attracting and launching successful early-stage biotech companies by providing them with the necessary ecosystem to thrive. This includes high-tech flexible lab environments, scientific expertise, access to industry experts and ongoing support and assistance.

Partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific offers access to the latest technologies and deep scientific expertise, as well as support for networking and collaborative events. Our specialized Bio-incubator support team can help provide design and buildout services, installation and instrument services, and customizable technology solutions.

Find out more about how to take advantage of an end-to-end ecosystem to help accelerate science.

Coordinated support

Consultative relationship with access to SMEs and knowledgeable field support team.

Proven partner

Trusted brands supported by deep industry and scientific expertise, facilitating the right solutions with speed.

Differentiated ecosystem

Innovating to optimize lab infrastructure, provide breakthrough technologies, and drive more efficient workflows.

Coordinated support

Our team is here to support and strengthen the relationship between your business and our services. Our consultative advisors are dedicated to providing guidance and customized solutions to help accelerate the development timelines of your projects.

We also offer needs assessment and scope of work specific to your unique business model, ensuring that our support aligns perfectly with your goals. Additionally, we provide regular check-ins with our representatives to address any business challenges and offer ongoing scientific support, along with access to our field support teams for any further assistance you may require.

Meet the team


Proven partner

Thermo Fisher Scientific has an extensive portfolio of innovative offerings and exceptional capabilities throughout the development pipeline. In order to enable you to attract and launch successful early-stage biotechs, our goals include helping provide the latest innovative technologies and resources to attract entrepreneurs and provide them with an ecosystem to help accelerate discovery.

Research & discovery

Process development and optimization


  • Exceptional detection, sample throughput, and specificity
  • Consumables, reagents and lab equipment
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Lab productivity tools
  • Global distribution and supply chain management
  • Custom research services for optimization/validation

  • Cell line development
  • Cell culture customization
  • Molecule and application-specific processes
  • Analytical technologies
  • Drug substance and drug product development for biologics, small molecule and viral vectors
  • Technology transfer
  • Process monitoring
  • Materials characterization
  • Drug design, including complex formulation and delivery format
  • Gene to protein expression services

  • Target discovery and formulation
  • PK/PD models and other exploratory analyses
  • Laboratory support services
  • Clinical development planning
  • Protocol development
  • Epidemiology research
  • Pre-IND/IND support
  • FDA support and representation
  • Regulatory, pharmacology/toxicology, and CMC consulting

Solutions to create or source new therapeutic molecules (identify and get lead candidates to trial)

Clinical trials

Commercialization and production

  • Laboratory/analytical services
  • Clinical trial design/methodology, including decentralized/digital trials
  • Patient and site recruitment
  • Data management
  • Consulting services
  • Data generation and tracking
  • HEOR
  • Interventional studies
  • Medical information
  • Non-interventional/observational studies
  • Customized biotech delivery model

  • Manufacturing of clinical trial material (biologics, small molecules, and viral vectors)
  • Bioprocessing solutions for in-house manufacturing
  • Compliance management
  • Comparator sourcing
  • Clinical supply optimization
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Labeling
  • Storage and distribution
  • Global network
  • Cold chain material management

  • Biologics and small molecule and viral vector manufacturing
  • Quality control and assurance equipment
  • Process analytical testing solutions
  • Process monitoring
  • Validation and regulatory support packages

Support across all phases of clinical development—including regulatory and logistics

Production continuity from clinical trials to
commercial scale

Services and tools for lab design and set-up


A differentiated ecosystem

In order to enable you to attract and launch successful early-stage biotechs, our goals include helping provide the latest innovative technologies and resources to attract entrepreneurs and provide them with an ecosystem to accelerate discovery.

Design and Buildout icon

Design and buildout

Enablement icon


Acceleration icon


  • Lab design consultation and buildout
  • Needs assessment
  • Customizable technology solutions
  • Essential lab equipment and consumables
  • Instrumentation
  • Personalized financial solutions
  • Safety compliance solutions

  • Installation services
  • Instrument service
  • Unity Lab Services resources on-site to implement lab services
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Access to Safety and Controlled Environment Specialists to support compliance needs

  • Custom research services
  • Access to scientific advisors
  • Technology refresh and upgrades*
  • New technology early access (alpha/beta testing)
  • Engagement with Commercial Supply team (OEM)

Educational programming activities
Technical symposia • Scientific/non-scientific training • COVID consultation/resources • Office hours


Supply chain and lab operations management
Physical inventory space utilization • Order management • eProcurement solutions platform • Inventory management • Order aggregation • Third-party sourcing


Digital solutions


*Tech refresh currently limited to chromatography and mass spectrometry business via Thermo Fisher financial solutions

Meet the team

Cody Anderson

Meet Cody Anderson, our Northwest navigator and Business Development Manager, balancing work with gym sessions, watersports, and quality time with his furry cat Gary. In his career at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cody has held various roles and leverages this diverse experience to offer exceptional support to customers, recognizing the significance of connections.

Katrin Roessger

Katrin Roessger, our EMEA-based Business Development Manager, combines Biopharma and Biotech expertise with a passion for travel, hiking, and handcrafts. She excels in fostering meaningful client relationships and delivering tailored expertise to achieve shared goals.

Lindsey Harp

Meet Lindsey Harp, our North America-based Business Development Manager. With a love for tennis, travel, live music, and dining out, Lindsey brings a well-rounded perspective. She's adept at fostering connections and is ready to bring her expertise to your projects.

Basile Siewe

Basile Siewe is our North America-based Business Development Manager. Beyond his passions for running, weightlifting, cooking, and travel, Basile's cinematic love lies in Denis Villeneuve's Dune. With a blend of research expertise Basile is dedicated to helping you advance medical breakthroughs.

Sesha Tekur

Meet Sesha Tekur, our versatile Business Development Manager covering New England, PA, VA, OH, and global incubator partnerships. As a certified drone pilot, photography enthusiast, and Bollywood stage singer, Sesha adds a unique flair to his profile. With 18 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he excels in connecting workflows and is your go-to problem solver.

Melissa Popovski

Meet Melissa Popovski, our dedicated Business Development Manager covering the Northeast US and Eastern Canada. Melissa finds joy in spending time with her husband and their dog, Gary, while embracing activities like trail running, cycling, and Spartan racing. Her love for '90s RomComs like "Serendipity," and "French Kiss" connects her with cherished memories. Melissa's passion lies in nurturing early-stage biotech companies, witnessing their growth from technology development to commercialized therapeutics.

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