Commitment to sustainability

Thermo Fisher Scientific is helping to develop and deliver innovative and environmentally responsible products to our customers while emphasizing environmental stewardship, sound financial management, and operational efficiency.

Our mission in action

We develop and deliver innovative and environmentally responsible products to our customers. We emphasize environmental stewardship, sound financial management, and operational efficiency, while fostering a positive and sustainable workplace for our employees. We serve the communities in which we live and work with hands-on involvement through volunteerism and other charitable causes. And we provide philanthropic support with the overarching goal of inspiring students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, so they will one day help us fulfill our mission as future employees or customers.

Corporate social responsibility

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy encompasses three primary elements:

  • Business sustainability
  • Employee engagement
  • Philanthropic giving

Each is inextricably linked with our operations and aligned with our values—Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, and Involvement.

Together our investments in technology, products, and people help to ensure a sustainable and profitable future for coming generations.

"Our company mission not only defines our corporate responsibility efforts but positions us to help meet some of society’s most pressing challenges."

Marc N. Casper, President and CEO

Reducing our carbon footprint

We continue to seek new opportunities to use renewable energy sources. Our progress on these fronts is benchmarked as part of our annual response to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Dedicated to discovery

With 90,000 employees, 130 manufacturing facilities, and thousands of products worldwide, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a big impact on the world in which we live. We strive to make responsible decisions about how we operate—decisions that serve the interests of our customers, conserve resources, and protect the environment. In addition, many of our products are designed to help scientists improve public health and minimize environmental impact.

Product innovations for health and the environment

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of products that allow our customers to address global health and environmental challenges. Our ion chromatography systems allow for monitoring of long-term global climate change, by analyzing specific elements and their relation to atmospheric changes. Additionally, we have developed radiation detection instruments that help protect public safety at major events such as the Super Bowl.

Improving packaging

Product packaging is a key source of waste. Wherever possible, our packaging practices are designed to foster recycling and reduce landfill burden. For instance, our product page inserts are printed on 100% post-consumer wastepaper. In 2013, an initiative was put in place to reduce the use of polystyrene coolers. By converting qualified products from cold to ambient shipping, we saved more than 60,000 polystyrene containers.

Operational efficiency

Across all product lines, our goal is to manufacture products with minimal environmental impact. This means pursuing high standards for clean manufacturing operations, reduced waste, and improved energy and water conservation. We set equally high expectations for our suppliers. We screen and audit our major corporate suppliers to assess compliance with our stringent requirements for socially and environmentally responsible practices. We track our progress on energy and emissions through annual participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Did you know?

Thirteen of our sites have achieved zero waste certification.