Podcast: Biobanking is a mindset - how to prepare for the years ahead?

Biobanking is so much more than just storing pieces of human material or huge amounts of clinical and personal data. They are a goldmine for many researchers and can be the basis for ground-breaking research. Moving forward what are the trends to consider, where should we be cautious and where can we go boldly forward?  In this podcast Francesco Florindi, Wilfredo Marin and Erik Steinfelder from Thermo Fisher Scientific discuss and share their views on these topics with host Lisa Burke. Enjoy listening.

Sample Value

Like you, our scientists see the value and potential of biospecimens. When samples are unique and can’t be replaced, it’s critically important to store those collections under the right conditions — monitored and protected. The TSX series is designed to support sustainability, without compromising cold storage performance. Coupled with Smart-Vue Pro Wireless Monitoring, be prepared for the unexpected.


The global pandemic and economic slowdown have provided insight into the environmental impacts of human activity. If you’re planning to expand your research facility, this is an ideal time to look at the broader sustainability picture. Our engineers are inspired by the exponential impact of more efficient cold storage equipment, like the TSX series freezers with V-drive adaptive control technology. They’re designed to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing sample security.

Automated vs. Manual

As cold storage technology evolves along different pathways, automated and manual solutions each have their uses. Advances in materials and engineering have increased capacity per manual freezer, which lowers the amount of space needed in the lab, lowers energy consumption, decreases noise and reduces the use of HC refrigerants. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our biobanking experts can help you choose the scalable, space-saving solutions that are right for your operation.

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Style Sheet for Global Design System
Style Sheet for Global Design System