The Connected Lab

Secure instrument and equipment connectivity that boosts your lab’s productivity and accelerates your scientific discoveries

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way you work. Imagine what’s possible when your connected instruments and equipment all work seamlessly together ensuring the safety of your life’s work and maximizing the uptime of your lab. Whether you’re connecting one asset or many, access to your instruments and equipment and the data they generate are critical success factors in every lab’s workflow.

Connected Instruments

Accelerate your science:  Once your instrument is connected to the platform, you can schedule and monitor your instrument to see real-time experiment updates and data analysis all from a single dashboard on your mobile and computer


Securely access your lab anytime, anywhere

  • Perform primary and secondary analysis of data quickly and consistently
  • Remotely monitor experiment run progress via mobile app and dashboard
  • Schedule equipment remotely
  • Keep data safe with our secure storage

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Services and support to improve instrument uptime

  • Proactive performance monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting and system support

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  3. Enter your product name.


Collaborate in a secure group or connect with a community

  • Peer and document collaboration tools
  • Group permissions and custom sharing options
  • Self-curated, secure communities
  • Scientific content libraries

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You have options for how to get connected

Create a Thermo Fisher Connect account and easily connect your instruments.

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Getting connected is easy. Learn how


Direct Connect

Enter your Thermo Fisher Connect account credentials directly on the instrument screen to connect when connected via Ethernet of WiFi.


PC Connect

For instruments directly connected via a PC, add your instrument on after logging in with your Thermo Fisher Connect account credentials.

Explore our connected products today

Thermo Fisher Connect Apps

Analyze more data faster with an expansive offering of primary and secondary analysis software for applications including real-time qPCR, next-generation or Sanger CE sequencing, and more. Thermo Fisher Connect apps combine hundreds of experiments into one project, so you can quickly analyze even large data sets—up to 10 times faster than the software version for desktops.
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Platform for Science Apps

The Platform for Science is ideal for labs with complex workflows. The Platform and its apps work together to provide your scientific data management solution. Apps provide templates to get you up and running quickly, while leveraging industry best practices. Combine apps to fit the exact requirements of your workflows.
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