eProcurement Manager

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Streamline lab procurement

Thermo Fisher eProcurement Manager is a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use tool that can help you gain control through purchasing workflow approvals, budget visibility, and detailed reporting while helping you identify process efficiencies for your lab supply purchasing needs. Designed with the Thermo Fisher Scientific team’s expertise in providing confidence and quality for scientists sourcing laboratory products and services, it’s the only procure-to-pay solution built with science in mind.


Orders placed using eProcurement Manager are currently limited to US addresses and USD only.

Benefits of eProcurement Manager

Supplier access

Order anything from any supplier using Punchouts, integrated catalogs, or manual purchase orders.

Approval workflows

Ensure purchasing compliance from approved suppliers with customized workflows and dollar limits.

Consolidated order status

Track the status of all orders from all suppliers in one place.

3-way match

Verify invoice against PO and receipt of products before paying.

Finance system / ERP integrations

Easily send invoice data directly to Quickbooks Online, BILL, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Intacct, and Xero.

ULS Inventory Manager integration

Maintain oversight and coordination of ULS Inventory managed stockroom purchases.


Use real-time reporting to make data-driven decisions.

White glove support

Technical support and in-network order support included.
Procurement service Leverage the Encompass buying team to source items and add them to the Fisher Scientific catalog.

Capabilities of eProcurement Manager


Easily shop from integrated suppliers such as Fisher Scientific and Thermo Fisher using the built-in Punchout capability. Search from over 10 million additional SKUs for items that can be sourced by Fisher Scientific with a fully integrated experience.  Alternatively, shop from any supplier and generate a Purchase Order from eProcurement Manager to keep all purchasing activity in one place.


Route request for purchase to one or multiple buyers for supplier verification, pricing agreements, and approved payment methods.  All requestors maintain visibility of their requests throughout the order lifecycle.  Customers using ULS Inventory Manager can also route inventory replenishment using the available eProcurement Manager integration.


Add another level of organizational controls by enabling workflow approvals based on dollar amounts.  Multiple levels of approvals are supported for greater granularity.


Send orders electronically to integrated suppliers or email a Purchase Order to non-integrated suppliers using a Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Order, Credit Card, or Corporate Card as valid forms of payment.


Receive electronic shipping or delay notifications from integrated suppliers or add them in manually for non-integrated orders to inform stakeholders where their items are and when to expect them.


Marking items as received can notify buyers automatically that their items have been received and lets the Accounts Payable department know when an invoice can be paid.

Get invoiced

Receive electronic invoices from integrated suppliers or add them manually for non-integrated orders to keep all order-related data and documents in a single place.

View reports

Know what invoices should be paid with comprehensive reporting and exporting capabilities.  Go a step further and integrate with a supported AP or ERP system and let the data flow seamlessly.

eProcurement Manager deployment options

Single customer

Individual companies can manage all their purchases from a single cloud-based platform which includes Thermo Fisher and Fisher Scientific punchouts as well as an extended catalog for over 10 million additional products. 

Multi customer

eProcurement Manager has been designed to provide a multi-tenant solution that can be offered by Bio-incubators, VCs, and Portfolio Managers to their tenants or managed companies by sharing resources and leveraging economies of scale.