Find the right LIMS for your industry

We offer targeted LIMS software solutions to meet the needs of a variety of laboratories across life science and process industries.


Whatever your sector, we’ll help your lab get up and running faster by leveraging industry best practices, and configured software solutions for your industry, backed by our global team of experienced LIMS software experts.

Contract testing

Deliver reliable, repeatable testing for your customers, drive and demonstrate compliance to ISO 17025 and industry regulations, and provide customers with access to work requests and results through a dedicated online portal.

Chemical and petrochemical

Optimize your continuous processes, perform testing and monitoring, and comply with regulations and safety standards.

Clinical testing and molecular diagnostics

Get traceability and visibility into study protocols, laboratory processes, and analytical results. Perform complex analyses such as next generation sequencing, as well as pathology, microarray, and qPCR analysis.

Clean energy

Automate complex laboratory workflows, streamline data management, and ensure traceability and regulatory compliance while reducing the potential for human error.


Manage sample and test data for your water and environmental testing labs. The built-in workflow-specific functionality reduces administration, costs, and implementation times.

Food and beverage

Improve food safety, monitoring, and production. Trace all stages of production, processing, and distribution to monitor quality, manage recalls, and limit product and revenue loss.


Efficiently oversee sample and testing data to ensure accurate and reliable results. Ensure chain of custody and minimize the potential for degradation while complying with collection and storage protocols to meet strict regulations.


Ensure consistency and standardization throughout the manufacturing process, from inventory management and process optimization to QA/QC testing.

Metals and mining

Integrate all your data, from exploration to extraction and refining. Maintain process standardization across multiple labs for raw materials testing and process analysis, ensuring materials meet customer specifications.

Oil and gas

Optimize your performance by easily connecting critical instrumentation and data. Comply with regulations, monitor product quality, plant performance, and environmental conditions for maximum performance.

Pharma and biopharma

Better connect your lab, whether you’re creating small molecules, peptides, or CAR-T cell therapies. Fit for research, preclinical, and downstream labs, as well as manufacturing.