Core LIMS Software

Thermo Scientific Core LIMS Software is designed to address the sophisticated needs of R&D labs, offering capabilities for data collection, sharing, analysis, and storage.

The flexibility of Core LIMS Software allows for workflow automation, sample and data management, and seamless integration with your current instruments, consumables, and other software platforms.


Additionally, it offers ready-to-use workflows that cater to the specific requirements of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and biobanking labs. 


Core LIMS Software capabilities

Sample management, accessioning and tracking

Assure sample integrity, data quality, and proper chain of custody across shipping, accessioning, and inventory management.

Instrument management

Monitor the status of instruments, schedule work and maintenance, and manage capacity across facilities to share workload effectively.

Pre-built flexible workflows

Get your lab up and running quickly. Easily configure the software to meet your lab’s specifications — and augment it as your needs change.

Inventory and storage management

See stocks of reagents and consumables, where items are located and their expiry dates, so you can manage supplies and assign automatic re-order alerts. 

Laboratory management

Get complete visibility of your lab’s operation, in-progress experiments, sample status, lab capacity, available resources, and turnaround time. 

Reporting and data analytics

Report on, share, analyze, and manage data in context — Core LIMS Software captures all data relationships and metadata.


Integration solutions

Easily integrate Core LIMS Software with other instruments and systems in the lab.

Dashboards and configurable data visualization through the Shiny package in R

Unlock deeper insights into your data, and access reports via dashboards for at-a-glance overviews.

Direct connection with electronic lab notebooks (ELN)

Seamlessly work with data between Core LIMS Software and ELN with no integration required. 

Vendor agnostic

Use Core LIMS Software with instruments and equipment from any vendor.

Collaborative work environment

Collect and share data securely in real-time with collaborators in your lab or across the globe.

Standards-based API

Benefit from simple interoperability and avoid the need for fragile point-to-point integrations and custom code.