Next-generation laboratory software for increased productivity and compliance across your business 

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS Software version 21.2 is a powerful laboratory software designed to streamline workflows and eliminate manual tasks. It offers a range of features and improvements to enhance your organization's productivity and efficiency. The solution provides a safer, more secure software system that supports your scientific work, optimizes laboratory processes, enhances data analysis, and improves collaboration between different software systems.

Dashboard shown is available in The Data Analytics Solution for SampleManager LIMS Software

SampleManager LIMS Software version 21.2 brings updated features, architecture, and product health.


Key updates include an improved desktop user experience with a more spacious, intuitive, and accessible interface. Sample containment, chain of custody, and bar code interaction have also been enhanced for a better scientific experience.


The software now includes updates to the Analyst Notebook functionality, enabling deeper data insights and better decision-making. It also offers an enhanced way to view, map, and connect with Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software, allowing for seamless data transfer and collaboration.


To ensure data security and compliance, SampleManager LIMS Software version 21.2 provides improved capabilities for committing and archiving valuable data, protecting it and meeting regulatory requirements.


SampleManager LIMS Software version 21.2 capabilities

User experience

The desktop user interface now offers a more spacious and effortless navigation experience, including:

  • Improved language localization for improved accessibility.
  • Desktop skins for a cleaner interface to enhance the UI/UX.
  • Mandatory fields for improved tracking and traceability.
  • Hyperlinking entities for quicker access to linked data.

Scientific experience

Efficiency improvements to better support your laboratory workflow:

  • Barcode process screen for efficient data grid editing.
  • Tracking sample quantities by location for easy movement tracking.
  • Chain of custody enhancements for tracking sample movement.
  • Location occupancy report to provide awareness of freezer and other storage availability.
  • Built-in Analytical Quality Control improvements for real-time data analysis, aligned with ASTM D6299-23a standard.

Analyst Notebook

Organizing and navigating through Notebook data is more convenient than ever:

  • Organize pages into chapters for easier navigation and access to data.
  • Save complete notebooks as templates for efficient reuse.
  • Direct access to the Explorer menu for easy exploration of related entities.
  • Multi-select linked items for streamlined association.
  • Embedded hyperlinks for convenient cross-referencing.
  • Instrument settings retrieval to eliminate separate configuration of data sources.
  • Exclusive access and simultaneous editing to maintain data integrity.
  • Conflict prevention and data backups for data consistency and safety.
  • PDF rendering and reporting for easy information sharing.

Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software

Linking to Chromeleon CDS Software now provides a more integrated and streamlined experience:

  • New dashboard for Chromeleon CDS Software provides complete data overview.
  • Improved multi-sequence interface for faster sequence creation.
  • Custom column functionality in Chromeleon Software provides more control over data selection.
  • Manual sorting numbers for frequently used instruments/mappings for improved efficiency.
  • Enhanced Chromeleon CDS mapping for more flexibility in experiment design.
  • Sequences contain a copy of the report template or a link to a stored template.
  • Queue samples as single-injection sequences for faster analysis and improved productivity.

Committing and archiving

Updates offer easy data storage and management for jobs, samples, tests, and reporting results, including:

  • Active and committed databases for job, sample, test, and result storage.
  • Configure the committing and archiving process easily through the user interface.
  • Consignment definition for configuring data to commit and automatically add to deployment package.
  • Consign and de-consign records through workflow nodes.
  • Auxiliary reports for configuring status, layout, and workflow event.

Product health

The software is constantly updated to meet current security and technology standards, including:

  • Thermo Fisher ‘Corporate Information Security (CIS) Approved’ security with default password policy and expiration.
  • Centralized management and backup of attachment files.
  • Plugin for modern SMTP servers for email communication.
  • Enhancements to SampleManager LIMS deployer for database tasks and VGL reports.
  • Remote access to off-site devices with SampleManager LIMS gateway.
  • Upgrade to .NET 6 for improved performance and updated DevExpress control set.
  • Windows service updates for improved diagnostics and monitoring.

SampleManager LIMS Software core features

SampleManager LIMS Software is a highly configurable solution for managing laboratory operations, data, and processes. With over three decades of experience and a strong global presence, it is trusted by customers worldwide. Developed in an ISO 9001 compliant environment, the software drives reliability and quality. Its key strength lies in its adaptability, allowing it to be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming customization.