SampleManager LIMS Software interface options

Your time in the laboratory is precious. SampleManager LIMS Software helps you make the most of it.

As technology evolves, SampleManager LIMS Software delivers increasingly advanced features to simplify all aspects of life in the lab. That way, you stay one step ahead, saving your precious time and effort. With SampleManager LIMS, companies can efficiently maintain regulatory compliance, reduce the vast amounts of paper required to demonstrate process adherence, and drive quality and data integrity by eliminating manual transcription errors — all within an intuitive, flexible system.  

User experience interface enhancements

SampleManager LIMS Software has a comprehensive and cohesive user interface dashboard to ensure information and navigation elements are relevant and unique to the user’s needs.

Methods such as barcode scanning and voice commands can be configured to help you move through processes with ease.

Software client options

Enhance your user experience with SampleManager LIMS Software: accessible on desktop, web client, and mobile devices through an app. This flexibility allows you to prioritize your scientific work, improve data quality, streamline workflows, and optimize costs.


Explore the various interaction options with SampleManager LIMS Software:

SampleManager LIMS web and desktop clients 

SampleManager LIMS Software's web and desktop clients provide you with direct workstation access to the software’s extensive features to help improve the performance of your day-to-day tasks in the lab.

Access via the web client wherever there is an internet connection.

SampleManager LIMS portal

SampleManager Software's web-based customer platform provides your customers and suppliers with a single access point to the system. Customers can request work, view progress, and download reports. You can manage clients and billing and monitor lab workload.

Access the SampleManager LIMS web portal quickly and easily at any time on a desktop browser or via a tablet, regardless of location.

SampleManager LIMS mobile app 

SampleManager LIMS Software's native mobile app runs on a tablet, offering greater convenience than with a laptop or PC. Now you can perform tasks wherever there is an internet connection, whether that’s in the lab, or in the field. Remote analysts or those tasked with sample collection can make notes directly in the LIMS, strengthening data integrity.