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Computer system validation white paper


Next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems

NGS IQ/OQ and IPV technical sheet (for Ion PGM, Proton, and S5 instruments)

qPCR systems

qPCR IQ/OQ and IPV technical sheet (for Applied Biosystems™ 7300, 7500/7500 Fast, 7900HT Fast, ViiA 7, and QuantStudio instruments)

Applied Biosystems™ 3500 Genetic Analyzer

CE instruments

CE IQ/OQ and IPV technical sheet (for Genetic Analyzers)


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Instrument service plans

There’s no time for downtime in your lab. Built on 40 years of service expertise, our superior service solutions for Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, and Ion Torrent instruments and applications help keep your lab up and running. More than 2,000 trained professionals make up the industry’s largest network, ready to assist you when you need it. And smart features such as remote instrument services help keep you productive and focused on making the next discovery. Customers worldwide count on us to deliver industry-leading service and support. You can too.

Qualification services

With our instrument hardware qualification services, you can be confident that your instruments are installed, operating, and performing according to manufacturer’s specifications. Our manufacturer-trained and -certified field service engineers will conduct and document comprehensive tests including software and hardware compatibility matrixing, component verification, and site requirements to verify performance and provide reliable, audit-style documentation to meet your customer's regulatory requirements.

Consulting services

Our consulting services, which include analytical validation (AV), computer system validation (CSV), and bioinformatics consulting services, will help you get the most out of your investment in products. Built on decades of experience designing, manufacturing, testing, and supporting validated systems, our consulting services will help you optimize workflows in complex laboratory environments.

Education services

It can be difficult to prepare yourself for what’s next while you’re focused on the work you have now. Our professional, interactive training courses help you make that preparation easier. We offer a combination of virtual and in-person classroom instruction, and hands-on learning in your laboratory to match your schedule, budget, and learning preferences. Whichever course style you choose, you’ll learn from one of our highly skilled application scientists who are available to lead sessions online, at your location, or at one of our 12 training centers located worldwide.